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This is a temporary home for EmpowerHER Global. 

EmpowerHER Global will be an online membership platform for female tech leaders. It’s strategic focus is to empower continuous business growth, productivity, profitability and thought leadership to enable global dominance and collaboration. The platform will have key strategic advisors in the following ”cross-over” disciplines: 1) Marketing 2) Operations 3) Finance 4) Legal 5) Technology 6) Strategy 7) Growth 8) Business Development 9) Scenario Planning (Futurist). The platform will be a tiered subscription model which will provide access to these strategic advisors, plus additional online resources as directed by the female tech leaders to empower their business growth on a global scale.

Currently looking for Strategic Advisors and Corporate Partners.

“We are living in the peak of opportunity to operate on a global scale with the continuing breakthroughs in technology. Now is the time for EmpowerHER Global to enable the business growth of female tech leaders.”Lena Benjamin MBA, Founder of EmpowerHER Global


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