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On this temporary site you will find access to Strategic Advisors for women in technology and other female entrepreneurs. Schedule 15mins of a Strategic Advisors time Free of Charge to empower action (NOTE: this is not coaching but strategic advice based on extensive business growth and career experience). Become a Strategic Advisor or Strategic Partner, Intern. Provide Feedback or Schedule a Chat. View the Pitch Deck“EmpowerHER Global provides female leaders with the strategic advice to increase action, productivity, and business performance.” Lena Benjamin MBA, Founder of EmpowerHER Global

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  1. Strategic Advisor – Apply (essential prior business experience)
  2. Strategic Partner – Apply  (win-win opportunities)
  3. Pitch Deck (Version 1.3)    (seeking an investor)
  4. Feedback  (what are your thoughts on EmpowerHER Global)
  5. Back Story (Founder and Global Perspective)