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EmpowerHER Global is currently seeking Strategic Advisors with the following specialist areas / disciplines: 1) Operations 2) Finance 3) Marketing 4) Legal 5) Technology 6) Scenario Planning (Futurist) 7) Leadership 8) Business Development 8) Growth 9) Strategy. Your application will support the Pitch Deck for investment and enable the development of as an online platform for female technology business leaders business growth on a global scale. List of Current Strategic Advisors.


Each EmpowerHER Global Strategic Advisor would be required to have an active involvement in the platform and would be the “thought leaders” to enable and empower productivity and profitability strategies for the women in technology members.

Payment –  You will receive a lump sum after committing 3 months of providing strategic advice with an additional profit share thereafter. Your support will help to strengthen the Pitch Deck for investment.

Business opportunity – You will be compensated once investment has been made by a corporate partner and / or we receive investment once the pitch deck is created and sent to a list of angel investors. Your compensation could be directly linked to a particular Strategic Partner.

Time commitment –  Female tech leaders will have an opportunity to book scheduled 15minute sessions with you as a Strategic Advisor. You will be in complete control of  your availability from week to week or day to day via the online platform. Your bio will be available for the female tech leaders to see via the platform. Other activities may include uploading content via video which can be done on your smartphone or via a blog through the online platform.

If you like what you read please fill in the information required for the pitch deck below. Or please do schedule a chat to discuss further via More information available on the pages below.

I'd like to apply to become an EmpowerHER Global Strategic Advisor

  • IMPORTANT BEFORE APPLYING: You must have at least 5 years business experience, have strategic know-how and know how to grow a business either through corporate / company experience or preferably having grown your own business. It would be advantageous if you have your own technology based business and seeking to pay it forward.


About EmpowerHER Global:
EmpowerHER Global will be an online membership platform for female tech leaders. It’s strategic focus is to empower continuous business growth, productivity, profitability and thought leadership to enable global dominance and collaboration.

There will be an advisory board of up to 25 key Strategic Advisors, in the specialists areas indicated above, that the members can tap into via the site. The members will have access to the EmpowerHER Global Strategic Advisors thought leadership via videos, content and scheduled online sessions.

Revenue Model:
Access to the site will be via a 4 tiered subscription model with a focus on delivering thought leadership and actionable advice delivered by the EmpowerHER Global Strategic Advisors. At some stage it would be beneficial to have the subscription as a mix and match opportunity. The more tools added to the checkout, the more the monthly subscription would be.

Currently opinions are being collected via a survey to understand what the female tech leaders would like to see on the platform. The survey is located at

Note: Once this global membership portal becomes a viable opportunity, an LLC would be incorporated via a provider that enables dynamic subscription transactions in multiple currencies, incorporation of a USA business and the opening of a Silicon Valley Bank account.

Strategic Partners:
Strategic partners will empower business growth and the global dominance of the female tech leaders. Register your interest

The EmpowerHER Global Opportunity:
We are living in the peak of opportunity to operate on a global scale with the continuing breakthroughs in technology, where women will be the saving grace for sustaining civilization. EmpowerHER Global comes at a time in the twenty first century where we have an opportunity to really harness the power of female entrepreneurs for the good of humanity.

Future Outlook:
By 2025 the goal is to have over 2,000 new and established female tech leaders from around the world benefiting from the strategic advice that has empowered their business growth on a global scale. The online platform will be accessible on all devices including smartphones.

Lena Benjamin MBA, Founder of EmpowerHER Global has provided top tips in the Financial Times Guide to Management 2014 book. One of those tips was: “Taking personal responsibility by taking action no matter how small you think it is. Join a group either online or offline because the humanity and humility comes from sharing and working towards a collective goal that will sustain civilisation for the next generation.”

Lena’s relevant EmpowerHER experience:
1999 & 2000 – Young Board Committee Member for Women of the Year Lunch & Assembly with women of the year including Floella Benjamin (Chair at the time), Joan Armatrading, Ellen McCarthy et al. The events were planned and organised at The Savoy and Ritz.
2008 – 2010 – Created the UK’s first online platform to empower women globally on their personal and professional development through member coaches and mentors. Created the concept ‘Speed-coaching’ with member coaches speed coaching women at events in Central London locations.
2010 – 2011 – London Chair Women in Management part of Chartered Management Institute responsible for chairing meetings, mentoring female managers, strategic event planning to engage female leaders. Lead on creating Inspiring Women in the 21st Century which started at the Houses of Parliament. Represented the Women in Management Network at Entrepreneurs 2012, Leaders First event at ExCel London with special guests including President Bill Clinton, Karren Brady and Levy Roots.
2014 & 2015 – Creator of Empowering Women Summit which were organised in City of Westminster in London at upscale venues including Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel and The Royal Institution. Panellist members / speakers in 2015 included senior leads from the following organisations: Avis, Etsy and Monitise. Event focused on technology and entrepreneurship, more details at
2017 – Founder & CEO of EmpowerHER Global – online global platform for female tech leaders to enable continuous business growth in order to sustain civilization.

Lena Benjamin short bio:
Lena has over 15 years experience growing service based businesses both large and small resulting in millions in revenue. She’s a forward thinking entrepreneur, involved in a number of ventures including property (real estate), travel, mobile and online platforms. Lena is a StartupBootCamp InsurTech London mentor. Additionally she has two degrees one of which is a Master in Business Administration, MBA, achieved in London UK in 2010. She has a signature consultancy program called Actions4Growth™. Find out about the other opportunities.


Business Goals:
1. Research Prospective Customer Base via
2. Recruit Strategic Advisors
3. Approach Strategic Partners (secure their involvement)
4. Develop a Prototype (and then a Minimum Viable Prototype)
5. Launch Platform