Business Opportunity – Mobile Phone Charging Unit(s)

SwitchedON (Mobile Phone Charging Units for Social Venues)

Mobile phone charging vending machines with digital advertising screens. We have these units to install into pubs & bars, social clubs, hotels or gyms in London. Get in touch if you own / manage one of these venues or would like to have your own mobile phone charging business opportunity

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: have your own Mobile Phone Charging business opportunity or purchase a unit(s) for your venue(s) in London UK, this is an opportunity to receive coin revenue and digital advertising space revenue. Click to Get in touch, email or use the form below for a quote. We Empower your business success. Schedule a chat here.


CLY-8 Cables – (198x196x370mm)
CL10 – 10 Charging Cables (290x200x516mm)
CL12 – 12 Charging Cables (450x200x840mm)
C18 – 18 Charging Cables (540x346x1849mm)