Actions4Growth™ Lena Benjamin’s Signature 1-2-1 online marketing and business support consultancy program for an increase in new business and client revenue.

Why not schedule the 1 hour Actions4Growth™ taster session. Receive up to 3 essential actions and where possible a lead 

Actions4Growth™ business growth program consists of 7 powerful new client acquisition tools for B2B companies.

What’s included:

  1. Weekly consultative advice online or via international dial-in

  2. Unlimited access via email to empower action

  3. Research new business contacts for call-to-action marketing

  4. Develop call-to-action marketing campaign

  5. Create marketing collateral includes graphic design

  6. Plan, Create & Develop “thought leadership” campaign

  7. Actions4Growth™ report with actionable recommendations


Global Head of HR for Tech Company now a business owner: “Lena’s techniques enabled me to think about things from various perspectives which was of definite value.” 

Small Business Owner: “Lena is highly perceptive, intuitive and imaginative and she combines these qualities to great effect with a delightful and engaging personality. Lena is a joy to work with.” 

Head of Marketing (Global PLC): “Approachable and highly intelligent, Lena proved to be an excellent communicator, seeking out opportunities to add value, above and beyond her remit.”

Independent Business Consultant (former IBM Senior Manager): “Lena is definitely the sort of person you want delivering to your business, definitely a professional you need to get to know.”  

Interior Designer Intern turned businesswoman: “I would highly recommend Lena for her ability to make you think strategically about business.” 

Director of Recruitment Consultancy Firm: “Lena focused my thoughts on developing an elevator pitch to different industries and emphasising my experience to show how clients can benefit.” 

NOTE: the Actions4Growth™ program will empower business growth. It is specifically for micro (sole traders) and small enterprises whose clients are other businesses. Actions4Growth™ will benefit businesses without a dedicated marketing and business development support with a focus on business growth.  This program is also for executives starting or growing a business. You can be based anywhere in the world but be aware that English is the only language spoken.

Lena Benjamin will empower you to get your business to the next level of growth through her common sense approach and passion for your business success. She already has over 15 years business and marketing experience growing service / knowledge / B2B  companies both large and small resulting in millions in revenue. She’s a forward thinking entrepreneur, involved in a number of ventures including Benjamin Property Services, business in a box (mobile phone charging) and online strategic advice for women in tech. Lena is a StartupBootCamp InsurTech London Mentor and international speaker. Additionally she has two degrees one of which is a Master in Business Administration, MBA, achieved in London UK in 2010.

Actions4Growth™ program payment options 

£450 per month for a minimum of 6 months (Click to PayPal)

£2,495 for the 8 week online program (Click to PayPal) 






You can pay via the Capitalize Ltd Borderless Bank Account in the USA and Europe. An invoice will be sent to cover the investment or we can send an instalment invoice via PayPal. Instalments can be arranged.

Some Interesting Facts about Lena Benjamin

1: Involved in several businesses including real estate and travel. Click to view business opportunities.

2: Thought Leader at Entrepreneurs 2012, part of Leaders First conference in ExCel London with special guests President Bill Clinton, Karren Brady CBE and Levy Roots

3: Created the U.K’s first and largest multicultural online bookstore approached by Amazon in 2004

4: Provided top tip, pitfall and takeaway in the book Financial Times Guide to Management in 2014. Top tip: “Taking personal responsibility by taking action no matter how small you think it is.”