3 Advantages Of Giving Your Employees Cell Phones

The idea of giving your employees cell phones isn’t a new one. Companies have been doing it for a long time, with the concept stemming from the need for your workers to have phones dedicated to the job. It means they stop mixing their personal contacts with business ones, which can make life a lot easier for them!

Furthermore, there are some significant advantages to handing out cell phones to your employees that will make this an idea you seriously consider…

Increase employee happiness

At the end of the day, a free phone is a free phone! Even if it’s meant for work purposes, your employees will be very happy to get something for free. This is an added benefit of working for you, which will increase their satisfaction and happiness. At the very least, it shows your employees that you are thinking about them and want to give them something that might make their working life a bit easier. They no longer have to worry about clients calling their personal cell phones; it can all be kept separate. 

Fuel employee productivity

By giving your employees the best smartphones around, you can fuel their productivity. You’re providing them with a device that helps them manage their daily business tasks through apps and all the other features on it. Some of your employees may have personal phones that are old and slow, making it hard for them to use them for work. Also, the fact that these are work devices makes a huge difference. People may be less inclined to make notes or add things to the calendar of their personal phone as it confuses them too much and there is already too much stuff on the device. When it’s strictly for work purposes, they have the freedom to be as organized and productive as possible. 

Keep track of your employees

Handing phones to your employees is also a good way to keep track of them. While this might sound sneaky, it is pretty crucial for your business to understand that your employees are behaving themselves and avoiding suspicious activities. You can monitor the location of your employees, and here’s a great resource that tells you how to do it without downloading any software. You can also access their messages and call data to see what they have been up to. Of course, ensure your employees know you can do all of this before you give them the phones. It’s a way of ensuring they a) use the phones for business purposes only, and b) aren’t running around behind your back talking to rival companies!

It’s always a good idea to think of new employee benefits to hand to your workers. Giving everyone a company phone can be a highly advantageous idea for both the employer and the employee. It is suggested that you can give them an option between taking the phone or not. If some employees don’t want a work phone, then that’s fine – they’re the ones that are missing out!

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