4 Ways to Sell Your Home Faster

Even though it’s currently a seller’s market, some homeowners are still struggling to sell their properties. And their inability to sell is not for a lack of trying. If you’re currently looking to sell your property, and need help with getting it sold very quickly –we’re talking an average of 37.5 days on the market, then the tips in this article can help you. 

Declutter and Clean the Property

While you can sell a property without necessarily cleaning it or getting rid of the clutter, the reality is you’ll lose money on the sale. This is because buyers have to see the potential first, and not everyone can. 

So, if you’re unwilling to clean it out, probably because you have a lot of stuff, be ready to take a major loss from the sale. However, if you can clean it up and remove all the junk, it’ll help the buyer see what the space looks like and imagine with it’d be like to live there. Plus, you can easily charge $10k to $20k more.  

Stage the Home Properly

Staging the home is an incredible way to engage the potential buyer’s imagination. On average, staged homes sell faster and at a higher price than mere open spaces or clean homes without any appearance of a living arrangement. 

So, hire a staging professional and let them handle this for you. Or talk to an interior décor expert and let them decorate the home for the sale. You’ll make your money back as you’ll be able to charge the buyer more, particularly if the interior décor person does a great job.   

Take Excellent Photographs

Can you sell your home with pictures taken on your iPhone? Sure you can. But there are two problems with that: you probably won’t get the right angles and your camera may not render high-quality pictures online. 

So, what’s the solution? Find someone with experience in professional photography for real estate listings and let them handle that. Real estate photographers are professionals who understand how to take the best pictures of your property. You’ll fare much better with pictures taken by professionals than with regular photos.

Fix Any Possible Issues

A malfunctioning tap or broken heater doesn’t do you any good. The same goes for anything that’s problematic or damaged, really. If there’s anything that needs fixing, get them repaired

And no, a cosmetic solution won’t do either. Buyers who tend to move forward often engage the services of a property inspector to check the state of the property. And most times, they are very thorough in their assessment of a property and unbiased when writing their reports. 

Long story short, your home will not sell fast if there are major damages. And even when you declare those issues, it will reduce the value of the offers that you’ll get. It’s just much easier for everyone if you fix all necessary issues on the property before listing the home. 

Finally, get the home listed with realtors and agents. They can get your home more exposure through their marketing. This will help the home sell much faster.

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