Actions4Growth™ Lena Benjamin’s signature business growth consultancy for small business owners/entrepreneurs (or those wanting to kick-start a new business/initiative).

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Selection of Testimonials 

Global Head of HR now a business owner: “Lena’s techniques enabled me to think about things from various perspectives which was of definite value.” 

Antique Specialist: “Lena is highly perceptive, intuitive and imaginative and she combines these qualities to great effect with a delightful and engaging personality. Lena is a joy to work with.” 

Independent Business Consultant: “Lena is definitely the sort of person you want delivering to your business, definitely a professional you need to get to know.”  

Interior Designer: “I would highly recommend Lena for her ability to make you think strategically about business.” 

Director of Recruitment Consultancy: “Lena focused my thoughts on developing an elevator pitch to different industries and emphasising my experience to show how clients can benefit.” 

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