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Service-based clients with one or two profitable “key” clients benefit from securing increased revenues.

Typical case study...


The company has reached a saturation point with its profitable “key” clients or there is a need to know who the key clients should be. There is a strategic need to identify opportunities to grow the business with those key clients. Unfortunately, the challenge is not having a clear process in place to increase revenue to achieve sustainable growth.


The five crucial steps to Key Client Growth Success developed by Lena Benjamin has the tools and techniques to identify the gaps and solve the unidentified revenue problem. The 5 Steps to Key Client Growth Success can be used in a 1,2,3,4,5 way or you and the team can start anywhere depending on what the company and people challenges are to achieving an increase of 20-50% in revenues.


  • Sustainable growth with profitable “key” clients.
  • Securing previously unidentified revenues.
  • A clear and identified proven process for achieving tangible results.
  • A robust process developed in a multidisciplinary global plc consultancy firm.
  • New opportunities and communication techniques to increase revenue.


Most frequent questions and answers

Companies or firms offering their clients professional services that are within the real estate or built environment industry like architects, surveyors, and engineers. Also business-to-business firms like technology, advertising, and marketing consultancy. The company should have at least two key clients and have a focus on achieving more revenues from new or existing key clients. Family offices and wealth specialists may also like to engage with the consultancy services.

First and foremost you should receive an initial free strategic consultation which can be scheduled at or by clicking on the calendar icon on the top of the page. During the process it will be ascertained which of the online solutions would be more appropriate – Coaching, 5 Step Program or Consulting. You will also walk away with a no-obligation top tips specific to achieving more revenue from your key clients. 

Yes, the Online Solutions: Coaching, 5 Step Program and Consulting are delivered online and via email. We will use a collaborative online facility to engage in the delivery of sessions and to share documents to empower sustainable growth and increase in key client revenues.

If you are experiencing a stagnation of revenues or you are trying to increase efforts with the right clientele you should definitely consider booking a free consultation.

As soon as we find out whether this is a good fit you can get started. Alternatively,  you can easily click: Coaching or 5 Step Program or Consulting to purchase or subscribe online. You will be directed to PayPal to complete your payment in GBP (£)

Coaching for 1:1 or group is £5,000 for 5 months of coaching which includes 40 hours of coaching which works out at 2hours weekly, plus unlimited email support. 

5 Step Program is £25,000 over 5 months where each of the steps in the 5 Steps to Key Client Growth Success is actioned in collaboration with dedicated internal personnel from the company or firm.

Consulting is £5,000 per month recurring for a minimum of 5 months where we will go through each step in the 5 Steps to Key Client Growth Success until strategically actioned and embedded into the company.

Yes, we can send an invoice in USD ($), EUR (€)  or GBP (£). Just send an email to [email protected].

Yes, we can send an invoice in USD ($), EUR (€)  or GBP (£). Just send an email to [email protected].

Or you can pay online
Click on: Coaching or 5 Step Program or Consulting to purchase or subscribe online. You will be directed to PayPal to complete your payment in GBP (£)

As many as required and who needs the help! Email [email protected] for further advice. Or fill in the online form at the end of this page.

Online solutions...

There are 3 online solutions to work remotely with Lena Benjamin on achieving the benefits of Key Client Growth Success. You can either click on the start Coaching or 5 Step Program or Consulting to purchase or subscribe online. You should schedule a free consultation or fill in the form below to get started. If you would like to know more you should download the paper 5 Steps to Key Client Growth Success.


Delivering 1-2-1 or group coaching with unlimited email support.


Providing the actions to deliver on the steps to key client growth success.


Identifying and implementing the strategies for sustainable revenues.

What's been said...

We are in the second week and looking forward to great outcomes from Lena’s help.

Mike Mackey
IT Partner
United States of America

Lena is extremely wonderful to work with, and has exceptional expertise in coaching.

Tariq Amin
Premium Local Advertising
United States of America

Lena enabled me to think about things from various perspectives which was of definite value.

Becky Taylor
CLOS Consultancy
United Kingdom

Lena has already helped me focus in terms of key clients to target to grow my business.

Katleho Khoza
Known Associates

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