Artificial Intelligence Improves and Accelerates Supplier Decisions

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TealBook is a centralized supplier knowledge & discovery portal that provides insight that accelerates and improves supplier decisions. Lena Benjamin, founder of EmpowerHER Global, a platform to progress women business owners worldwide, talks to Stephany Lapierre TealBook’s CEO for the EmpowerHER Global Podcast Stephany has won several awards for her innovative approach to leveraging supplier intelligence and has received repeated recognition as a female tech entrepreneur.

Stephany’s EmpowerHER Global Podcast Questions:

  1. What are the business impacts of costly and inefficient gaps between enterprise buyers and suppliers?
  2. How does TealBook use machine learning to efficiently increase innovation and value creation for all parties?
  3. Which Fortune 500 companies are TealBook targeting to become members/subscribers?
  4. Why should global corporations buy from a diverse supply chain?

Listen to the Podcast with Stephany Lapierre, CEO at TealBook

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