Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Homes

More and more homeowners are becoming aware and conscious about protecting the environment and are opting to a green building principle. Because of this, designers, architects, and builders are incorporating green materials and elements in homes that are being built. With the developments and advancements in technology, and because of the emergence of various building concepts, homeowners can integrate green elements without the need to sacrifice the entire appeal and appearance of their homes.

Despite the increased interest by numerous sectors about green building concepts, lots of homeowners still don’t know and understand what constitutes green homes and how these eco friendly homes are being built. An eco friendly home has lots of beneficial effects and results on the overall health and well being of families and it’s also a very financially sound idea.


Healthy Home 

An eco friendly home utilizes toxin free building materials, ensuring that people inside the house are generally free from all harmful pollutants and elements that are usually present in a traditional home.

Cost Efficient Home 

The cost of maintaining an eco friendly home is the same or even lesser than the maintenance cost of a traditional and standard home. Yes, the initial cost is possibly high, but the future savings that you’ll be able to generate later is sufficient enough for you to offset the initial investment. You will certainly save about 40 percent from your monthly electricity bill and 50 percent from water consumption. In addition to that, eco friendly homes are much more durable as compared to standard homes. This translates and equates to lesser maintenance and repair. Moreover, a green home value much higher compared to a standard home this is the reason why the demands for eco friendly homes are steadily increasing.

Environment Friendly Home 

The heating and cooling of homes usually account to more or less 20 percent of the total used energy from a typical or standard household. Add to this the standard energy requirements from all the household. Add to this the standard energy requirements from all the household appliances, lighting and other electronic equipments and you’ll see why standard homes are being considered as a segment that uses and consumes lots of energy. On the contrary, eco friendly home consume less 40 percent of energy.

Nowadays, there are eco friendly homes that have the capacity of reducing their dependence from conventional energy sources, and they have this added capability of generating their very own energy with the use of alternative energy sources like geothermal, biomass, wind, and sun.

Eco friendly homes have highly efficient plumbing and bathing fixtures. They adopt landscaping designs that are drought tolerant. Eco friendly homes can also make use of excellent irrigation systems equipped with beneficial water conserving features. These combined features and elements can cut water consumption for almost 50%.

Increased Security And Safety 

Eco friendly homes have much higher security and safety standards as compared to regular homes. They are basically equipped with excellent and high performing smoke detectors, gadgets that detect radon and carbon dioxide emissions, security systems, and techniques of delivering termite treatments and pesticide.

Lesser natural resources are being used in building an eco friendly home. This alone can be considered as an excellent boost in campaigns of saving the natural resources. A huge portion of materials used to build a green home are basically recycled materials. So what do you think? Isn’t it a great option to have an eco friendly home?

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