Best IRL Marketing Techniques For Your Small Business


You’ve probably read hundreds of posts on digital marketing, and while it is effective, in-real-life or IRL marketing tactics certainly can still be very useful in getting your business and products in front of the right people. Indeed there are several IRL marketing techniques in particular that small businesses should use alongside their digital efforts. Read on to find out what they are. 


The first IRL marketing technique that your small business should use is networking. Networking is all about building robust links with other people including those in your industry, and in adjacent ones as they could turn into customers, or at least refer you to some. 

Of course, some of your networking efforts will be done online on platforms such as LinkedIn. However, it’s important not to forget that attending events such as conferences and shows that deal with issues in your field can also be a great way of meeting people who are likely to be interested in your business and the products you offer. 

Of course, to be as successful as possible in these IRL events you’ll need to set yourself up with professional business cards at the least. Some people will want to host stands, stalls, talks or even keynote speeches to expand the potential range of people they get to meet and so make connections with.  


Partnering with other local businesses can significantly boost your marketing efforts and expand your reach. Collaborations allow you to tap into each other’s customer bases, share marketing resources, and create unique offerings that appeal to a broader audience. For instance, a coffee shop might team up with a nearby bakery to offer a special breakfast combo, or a fitness centre could partner with a local health food store to provide exclusive discounts to members.

Joint events, such as co-hosted workshops or pop-up markets, can draw larger crowds and generate more buzz than solo efforts. Additionally, collaborating on social media campaigns can amplify your online presence and engagement. By working together, businesses can create win-win situations that enhance visibility, foster community ties, and drive mutual growth, making collaborations one of the most effective IRL marketing techniques for small businesses.



Another highly effective IRL marketing method for small businesses is posters. A poster is a great marketing device because it is not only cost-effective but eye-catching and it can be used for so many marketing purposes. For example, posters are great for notifying residents of a new small business that is opening in their area, ensuring such a business taps into their valuable local customer base. Similarly, posters can be used to notify customers of a change in product or service or a new product being offered by your business when displayed inside your premises. 


More long-term than posters, signage is also a crucial element of any IRL marketing campaign. Indeed, proper signage fulfils many roles including letting potential customers know the location of your store, reminding people of your brand, and fostering a sense of trust and professionalism. Indeed, potential customers will always feel better spending money with a small business that displays proper signage because it provides a trust signal that they are established and enduring. 


Finally, another great way to market your small business IRL is with rewards. Rewards and rewards schemes can be especially effective for small businesses because they encourage loyalty from customers and can make it harder for close competitors to poach your patrons! 

The type of rewards scheme you run will need to be based on the type of business you’re operating. For example, a coffee shop can easily offer a stamp card where customers get a free cup after paying for 10. However, this approach may not be suitable for a small business selling supplies directly to other companies, where a percentage discount when spending over a certain amount can work better. 

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