Building Business Legacy

Your business is your legacy. The amount of time it took, months or years to get it to this point was excruciating. You have sacrificed a lot, but the end result is worth it. Even if you are a start-up company, your end goal is to grow your business and make it your legacy. But even as you are standing on top of your achievement mountain, just one slip will make you tumble all the way down. It’s not a threat. Instead, look at it as a strong warning. Success is not fixed and flawless. If you want to stay on top of your achievement mountain, the hard work has only just begun.  

You Are Only Human

You are not a robot. You are a human with thoughts and emotions. Although it is your human right to have an opinion, in business, it’s a bit more tricky than what it is perceived to be. Emotional overload can happen even to the toughest of CEOs. How you act on those emotions will determine if your slip can be salvaged by a quick pick-up or if you are going down the slopes. 

All Part Of The Brand

You are an extension of your brand. Every business meeting you enter, a conference you attend, or a gala, you represent not only yourself but your brand too. The same applies to all your employees. Suppose it is known that they work for your company or attend an event on behalf of your company. In that case, they need to realize that they are brand representatives. Anything they say or do is a reflection of your brand and company. If you have any affiliations, you’re both each other’s brand representatives. If the one party looks good and grows the brand trust, the same will be reciprocated to the other brand. On the flip side, if your party decides to do a faux pas and tarnish their brand, it will also spill over to the other side.

Join a group to empower success

“Taking personal responsbility by taking action no matter how small you think it is. Join a group either online or offline because the humanity and humility comes from sharing and working towards a collective goal that will sustain civilisation for the next generation” – Lena Benjamin, MBA founder and

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Technology Is A Blessing And A Curse

Cyber and the digital world are both a blessing and a curse. The speed at what information travels is mindblowing – always remember this. The blessings of cyber are the infinite possibilities there are to grow your brand and at incredible speed. That is why you have the best PR and digital marketing company onboard. But a simple thing like a retweet or comment on your private Facebook account, which is not very favorable, will make your reputation score plummet. Same for your employees and affiliates. Even if they are doing something wrong in their personal time or social media account. The backlash will be felt if the link that connects them to your company can be found. All cell phones have cameras. Pictures and videos where such an event occurred will spread like wildfire in cyberspace. Always make sure that you keep yourself in check because you might never know who is watching. 

Before you make any decisions, speeches, or reactions during business hours or in your private time. Always ask the questions, how will this look on social media? Will I be proud of it? If your answer is no, rather swallow those emotions and words, it will be profitable and worthwhile in the end. 

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