Choosing the Best Shipping Options for Your Small Business

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Shipping is a highly underrated part of a business’ process. Sure, it’s not the most fun area of business operations we could possibly think of. But it is absolutely essential. In an age where most people are shopping online and ordering goods to be shipped to them – whether from near or from overseas – you need to make sure that you’re managing your shipping effectively and making all the right decisions in regards to it. Here are a few areas to focus on that should get the ball rolling in the right direction!

Focus on Packaging

Before we get started talking about different shipping options, it’s important to bring attention to an area that all too many businesses neglect – packaging. Poor packaging can result in financial loss, as well as loss of customers and loss of your business’ good reputation. Think about it. You can put all the effort in the world into producing the best products possible, marketing them effectively and pricing them perfectly. But if you have poor quality packaging and the products don’t make it to your customers in good condition, what’s the point? You need strong and sturdy packaging that will protect the goods inside. Another aspect of packaging you should consider is sustainability. Where possible, use eco friendly packaging at every opportunity. You don’t want to use plastic unnecessarily when there are so many more environmentally friendly options including paper and cardboard.

Choose a Courier

If you’re a small business, chances are that courier shipping is going to prove most cost effective for you. If you’re delivering lots of parcels, you can often get a discount and cheaper shipping rates. If you’re just starting out, it’s a simple way to transfer the responsibility of delivering the products you do sell on to an experienced and efficient third party. Consider services like UPS international shipping. They’re trusted and will get the parcel to the destination quickly and in good shape.

Bring Shipping In-House

If you’re running a larger business, you may want to consider bringing shipping in house. This could cut out the costs of a third party and see you organise and manage your shipping independently.  Sure, this may seem like a huge step to take. But if you’re selling a lot of parcels and shipping a lot of parcels, it can actually prove a whole lot cheaper overall. When you bring shipping in house, you will need to invest in a vehicle to deliver the goods and an employee to drive the vehicle and deliver the goods. Hiring a delivery driver is a big responsibility, so make sure to check their licence and that they are allowed to drive a large vehicle like the one you have invested in for this purpose. You will also need to take care of things like tax, insurance and vehicle maintenance.

These are just a few different options that you have when it comes to shipping. But one is bound to suit your business! Think the issue over and settle on which is best for you and your business’ needs!

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