Customizing the Online Retail Experience

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DearDuck’s founder Katy Aucoin is customizing the online retail experience for customers and retailers alike. Lena Benjamin, the founder of EmpowerHER Global, action and progress for women business owners worldwide, talks to Katy for the EmpowerHER Global Podcast.

DearDuck is a consumer managed database for retail customers and their networks. Katy, the founder of DearDuck, has a background in data analytics and is an expert in consumer DNA that drives our buying decisions.

EmpowerHER Global Podcast Questions for Katy (plus additional questions):

  1. How did you come up with DearDuck? Why DearDuck?
  2. What does DearDuck look like in 2020?
  3. What are your tips for empowering innovation and creativity?
  4. What’s it like doing business where you are?

Listen to the Podcast with Katy Aucoin, Founder at DearDuck

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