Cyprus And Its Property Taxation Incentives

Virtually explore real estate in Cyprus, which is very well known for its many advantages over rival property destinations

Join Luxury Realtors as we host a free virtual showcase of 40 new projects in Cyprus, ranging from beautiful coastal and golf villas to modern design city apartments and townhouses, as well as plots for custom-build properties. Whether you are an investor/entrepreneur looking for ROI and a vacation home or retirees eager to live comfortably on your pension. Cyprus is perfect for you.

As a country, Cyprus has very attractive incentives in the area of property taxation including:

  1. The Zero Annual Property Tax
  2. The Zero Property Transfer Fees (for the purchase of new properties)
  3. The 5% reduced VAT policy for the purchase of the first property (Actual VAT is 19%)
  4. The Zero inheritance tax
  5. The low Capital Gains Tax (Just 20%)
  6. The lowest corporate tax in Europe which is 12.5%
You are invited to explore further the attractive property tax incentives and the real estate that has come on the market some of which have been reduced by up to 20%. Visit to RSVP for this virtual tour or the next available tour to virtually inspect the opportunity to buy investments and homes.
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