Dubai: Built For Growth

As the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has become a cosmopolitan metropolis of the 21st century with amazing architecture and built environment. According to the Visit Dubai website, Dubai has several attributes that make it a perfect place to invest in real estate and establish money making opportunities tax efficiently.

Why Invest in Dubai?

  • Literally a wealth of opportunity for those that want to invest 
  • Dubai is establishing itself as a financial hub to stimulate trade and investment flows
  • With vibrant banking and trade sector Dubai has one of the world’s most prestigious wealth and asset management companies – it is all about mitigating tax so you can keep more of it
  • Dubai is a market for untapped growth – the use of Smartphones in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region with over 2.5billion people that are largely unbanked has high potential for Fintech companies, Blockchain and cryptocurrency 
  • Dubai has vast opportunities for investors and venture capitalists
  • The eCommerce sector is growing in Dubai which means opportunities for doing business over the internet globally while you relocate to Dubai

Dubai is on our list of countries at because it has a high quality of life, ease of doing business and investment incentives. We would like to hear from real estate collaboration partners based in Dubai for mutually beneficial opportunities for those interested email or visit to book a virtual meeting.

Luxury is a key criteria of Dubai and is a city for savvy investors and entrepreneurs. Private planes, yachts, real estate and high-end hotels are part of the lifestyle. 

Dubai is very close to Cyprus where we also have real estate interest in. For those listening who are based in the Middle East region and would like to purchase investment real estate in Cyprus visit 

When it comes to real estate investing for those based in Dubai that want to invest in Cyprus – there are of course private planes and operators that provide these services based in Cyprus and Dubai. Cyprus like Dubai is the Height of luxury and prosperity. Cyprus like Dubai has marinas for yachting and sailing from (I can recommend Limassol Marina in Cyprus where you can anchor a 115metre yacht). Limassol in Cyprus also has luxury hotels like the Four Seasons in Limassol where I managed to get a free lunch and USB stick about 4 years ago – I was doing a reccie of the hotel for business events. Cyprus is also known for Golf courses and cultural festivals, skiing in the Troodos mountains, I’ve actually driven up the mountain while visiting my parents in Cyprus and with them as passengers in the car rental, this was in my early 40s and the first time I went up Troodos mountains was as a 17 year old teenager – how time flies. 

Did I mention that Cyprus has award winning beaches – it does. Dubai and Cyprus are destinations with fantastic infrastructure and backdrops for filming with definite tax incentives from doing so particularly in Cyprus. Plus both countries of Dubai and Cyprus have excellent opportunities for business growth and investing. I hope you reach out on email for real estate collaborations in Dubai and for Cyprus. Or visit 

For those entrepreneurial investors that use the Internet to build business, we can empower you with Internet Consultancy Solutions, so while you are investing in real estate you can work from home. Details of the Internet Solutions can be found 

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