Effective Ways to Grow Your Online Presence

About 81% of customers use the internet to research products before ordering them. All in all, it means that business owners need to register their presence on the internet if they want to grow their reach. Online presence also increases a company’s reputation and gives it authority. But with many businesses leveraging the internet to gain customers, how do you ensure that your brand stands out? Here are four ways to grow your online presence and increase your customer base.

  1. Optimize your business website

Many CEOs understand that building a website is vital for growth. However, it will surprise you to learn that 51% of small business owners do not have a professional business website. That will raise serious concerns when 97% of customers start searching for your products or services over the internet. So, set up a professional website and optimize it to drive traffic to your business. It does not have to be fancy but should at least be mobile-friendly and responsive. Professional web developers such as Rsmconnect.com can design an optimized business website that will make it easier for your existing and potential customers to find you.

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  1. Be active on social media

Social media is a big world on its own; it is a useful tool for registering your online presence and promoting your business. That said, you may want to choose your social media platforms wisely since there are many out there. It is not a must for your company to have a profile on every social media platform. You just need to target the most popular and effective social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. While LinkedIn and Facebook are useful for lead generation, Twitter is cool for starting excellent conversations. When you happen to find the best social media channel, implement the 80/20 rule when launching campaigns. That is to say, 80% of your media campaigns should comprise shared content, while the other 20% goes into promoting your own content.

  1. Ask product managers to oversee your products

A whopping 96% of businesses collapse after ten years of their existence. Part of the reasons for the massive failures stems from the fact that founders are not able to position their products effectively in this current climate. To steer clear of this failure, you need to ask product managers to oversee the framework of your production process. They can identify online marketing challenges and find lasting solutions to them. They can also help reduce your risk of business failure and boost your online branding.

  1. Create a fantastic user experience (UX)

A Forrester Research study found out that about 50% of visitors click away from websites when they find it challenging to get what they are looking for. User experience is a top priority for the current search engines. So, you have to ensure that both your offline and online services satisfy the interests of your consumers.  When the information architecture of your business website delivers a fantastic user experience to your visitors, building a substantial online presence is easier. 

To summarize, the internet is now central to the success of business organizations. So, grow your online presence, starting with these tips.

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