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Empower Business Club – online members club to empower startups, side-hustles and small businesses to take action, make money and grow. Member Benefits empower business for action and progress. Join Today or Sign-in

Member Benefits

  • Exclusive Members Only Content
  • Video Masterclasses
  • Live Q&A Sessions
  • Templates & Downloads
  • Giveaways & Invitations
  • 1:1 Brainstorming Opportunities
  • Member-Only Accountability Portal
  • Exclusive Money-Off Voucher Codes
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Members receive action orientated content that will empower their money making and online activities for their startup, side-hustle or small business. Check out the member resources via lenabenjamin.com/author/empower-business.You can sign-in to your account or become a member within each resource available which is added to regularly.

Members will be able to access video masterclasses each month delivered by guest speakers and Lena Benjamin. Members will have a chance to poll on what they would benefit from via the Member-Only Accountability Portal.

Members will be able to contribute to Live Q&A sessions on a weekly basis to empower their small business, side-hustle or startup. The emphasis will be on how to develop, grow and make more money.

The majority of member only content will have actionable Templates & Downloads which should be implemented into the business in order to achieve business and financial objectives of creating and growing income.

Joining the Empower Business Club will mean that you receive exclusive Giveaways & Invitation from our business growth partners focused on empowering your business prospects.

Within each of the member resources there is an opportunity to schedule an online conference call and 1:1 Brainstorming Session to discuss how you will go about implementing the content within the business or the progress made and what you achieved or may need to change to hit the ground running!

To ensure you are achieving on a daily, weekly or monthly basis the Empower Business Club membership provides access to a Member-Only Accountability Portal. You will receive an invitation email to be part of the community once you become a member. However this is optional but recommended. For your reference the link to access the portal is at empower-business.tribe.so

Members of the Empower Business Club will receive Exclusive Money-Off Voucher Codes with up to 60% off to spend at the Online Business Shop at lenabenjamin.com/shop.

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Empower Business Club Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can either pay to become a monthly member at $25 per month or for savings of $120 you can become an annual member. You can sign-up by clicking Join Monthly Plan for $25 per month -or- Join Annual Plan for $180 (save $120). You can also join above!

You can Gift membership of the Empower Business Club to a family member, colleague or friend by clicking on Gift Monthly Plan -or- Gift Annual Plan. You can also gift a plan above!

You can sign-into your account above. Or when you visit the resources on this website via Access Empower Business Club you will be able to login to see the new resource and book brainstorming sessions. You will also be included on the members mailing list to receive, updates about exclusive member-only content, templates, downloads, gifts, invitations, money-off codes, video masterclasses, live Q&A announcements. You will be sent access to join the member-only accountability portal should you wish to join as well, this is accessible via the link empower-business.tribe.so

Membership can be cancelled at anytime, via your account once you become a member. However, there are no refunds. You will remain a member until your monthly or annual membership expires.