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In the meantime, on this test site, Women in Business Worldwide will find access to Strategic Advisors and an opportunity to Schedule 15minutes of FREE Strategic Advice (EmpowerCHAT) conducted via an international dial-in conference call with over 60 in-country local numbers to #Empower Action and Progress. This advice is provided to those women in business no matter where they are in the business growth lifecycle – Start-up, Growth, Established or Expansion. Once the site is fully developed into a membership community, expect an online platform with an internet radio show, peer support, a marketplace, content, plus more…Get involved now – Advisor | Partner | Schedule Media Interview (women in business)Current Openings (Jobs)

Current EmpowerHERGlobal.com Strategic Advisors (over 5 years business advisory experience)
1. L. Benjamin marketing, biz dev, and scenario planning
2. A. Desir strategy, finance, technology… 
3. S. Banks Houston marketing, business development
4. J. LaRue operations, marketing, technology…
5. J. Montana  finance, strategy, leadership…
6. D. Montemayor operations, technology, strategy…
7. J. Strub business development, marketing, strategy…
8. E. Rasowsky marketing

“Our vision is to empower the action and progress of women in business worldwide using an online platform packed with strategic ‘actionable’ advice, content and peer-to-peer support.”  – empowerherglobal.com

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