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“Our vision is to empower the professional growth of women on a global scale using an online platform packed with strategic ‘actionable’ advice, content and peer-to-peer support.” – empowerherglobal.com

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About EmpowerHER Global:
EmpowerHER Global will be an online membership platform for women to empower action and professional growth. It’s strategic focus is to empower continuous professional development, productivity, profitability and thought leadership on a global scale.

There will be Strategic Advisors, in 9 specialists areas, that the members can tap into via the platform. The members will have access to the EmpowerHER Global Strategic Advisors thought leadership via videos, content and scheduled online sessions.

Revenue Model:
Access to the site will be via a 4 tiered subscription model with a focus on delivering thought leadership and actionable advice delivered by the EmpowerHER Global Strategic Advisors. At some stage it would be beneficial to have the subscription as a mix and match opportunity. The more tools added to the checkout, the more the monthly subscription would be.

Currently opinions are being collected via a survey. The survey is located at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Sar55PXY8JmFVfKHkNXxU_ICCy6zdAVP6Ugw1ArqW9k/viewform?edit_requested=true

Note: Once this global membership portal becomes a viable opportunity, an LLC would be incorporated via a provider that enables dynamic subscription transactions in multiple currencies, incorporation of a USA business and the opening of a Silicon Valley Bank account.

Strategic Partners:
Strategic partners will empower business growth and the global dominance of the female tech leaders. Register your interest

The EmpowerHER Global Opportunity:
We are living in the peak of opportunity to operate on a global scale with the continuing breakthroughs in technology. Where women will be the saving grace for sustaining civilization. EmpowerHER Global comes at a time in the twenty first century where we have an opportunity to really harness the power of women for the good of humanity.

Future Outlook:
By 2025 the goal is to have over 2,000 new and established businesswomen from around the world benefiting from the strategic advice that has empowered their business growth on a global scale. The online platform will be accessible on all devices including smartphones.

Lena Benjamin MBA, Founder of EmpowerHER Global has provided top tips in the Financial Times Guide to Management 2014 book. One of those tips was: “Taking personal responsibility by taking action no matter how small you think it is. Join a group either online or offline because the humanity and humility comes from sharing and working towards a collective goal that will sustain civilisation for the next generation.”