Empowering Lifestyles with HNWI’s

When I was 17 years old I came across my first high net worth, those individuals with 1million or more in assets not including their primary residence. This HNWI encounter was 3 decades ago in Knightsbridge where he was pulling out all the stops to impress me with his wealth. I got a tour of his townhouse or would it be considered a mansion. Anyway, there was an indoor swimming pool with a bar, a fully equipped gym on a Mezzanine level. A housekeeper that made us lunch and he had a Bentley in the garage which we took for a spin down Park Lane – 17 years old. Anyway if you are listening to this podcast and still alive 30 years later get in touch, happy to help any High net worth and Ultra high net worth with investments and homes to buy globally plus property solutions to increase property valuation or improved equity. 

Those American expats in the capital or visiting the City of Westminster, I know you frequent Chelsea mostly but St John’s Wood too. Wow St John’s Wood another HNWI where I was doing in-person business tutoring (by the way happy to provide this service since I have a couple of business degrees), this particular session was with a young lady I think of Middle Eastern descent, she gave me her brothers business card involving real estate in Mayfair. I never called! Missed business opportunities. 

Don’t miss opportunities – spot them and take action, we are 22 years into the 21st century – lots of issues and challenges but also opportunities to create wealth to pay it forward in a philanthropic way.

Out of curiosity, what is your musical anthem that gets you revved up ready to take on the world?

For those of you on Spotify you’ll be able to answer this question and for those who are not there is a WhatsApp link in the show notes, send your suggestions and connect about property investing.

Music is a channel to business success in my professional opinion. It can provide the necessary tools to inspire progress. I’m obsessed with listening to The Carter’s album a Jay-Z and Beyoncé husband and wife powerhouse collaboration. I’m also loving the lyrics and the powerful vocals of Koryn Hawthorne the US Gospel artist. Her tracks Unstoppable and Speak to Me, actually Bless up is fantastic and just drives me to keep on going. 

Lots of influential people use music as a catalyst. If you can sing and have a publishing deal cha-ching – that’s the cash register that I used in Selfridges back in the 90s or was it Mont Blanc in Burlington Arcade, Mayfair or on Royal Exchange in the City of London. Apparently I provided a service to a royal and probably many a HNWI. One guy used to come in every two weeks and spend at least £5,000 on Mont Blanc products not just the limited edition pens but the leather goods. 

Anyway back to the cha-ching on the musical genius’s out there with royalty cheques from their publishing deals, or are they paying you in bitcoin now. Either way you can convert into fiat currency. You know the pretend stuff that isn’t backed by Gold unless you are in the Emirates or Qatar.

Talking of Gold take a look at the Real Estate Investors Club online Membership Gold plan at www.realassets.biz, you can connect with me there with a scheduled virtual meeting.

I’m Lena Benjamin, your host on the Property Business Podcast I’m here to empower your lifestyle with real assets and solutions. Visit www.luxuryrealtorsglobal.com to learn more.

I’ll leave you with these lyrics from Koryn Hawthorne – Unstoppable – quote: “I dream about it, I go get it, that’s how I do it” end quote – how about you?

Thanks for listening hear from you soon. All links in this podcasts show notes.

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