How to Enable Company Growth


Keys to successIt is now even more important for businesses to engage, co-create and develop collaborative relationships with their customers and employees for mutual benefit.

Here are the Six Steps to enabling company growth for business-to-business firms:


1: Take a minute or two on the Strategy

To implement the relationship building process effectively the strategy needs to be firmly at the forefront of implementation and shared with all employees.

2: Continually add Value

Conduct periodic reviews of what supplementary services could be added to the organization’s offer, and how these will increase the value received and perceived.

3: Use Information for better engagement

Have a 360-degree view of the customer base because, without that, opportunities can be lost. Employees can be a major source of intelligence.

4: Actually use Technology to enable customer focus

Technology is a tool to facilitate an understanding of customer needs that allow businesses to manage customer relationships.

5: Monitor performance but make sure action is swift

Take action on monitoring information to increase performance standards in customer and employee satisfaction, service quality and supplier performance.

6: Touch-points should satisfy customers not cause frustration

Ensure the customer experience is a highly positive one at each of the touch-points. This can ensure the achievement of the strategy and the delivery of customer value.


Businesses that intend to survive the global revolution will invest wisely in their talent to enable meaningful dialogues with their customer and employee base.

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Lena Benjamin

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