Gadgets That Will Top This Year’s Christmas Lists

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It’s that time of year when many of us turn our minds towards the approaching festive season and start drawing up what we want to pick up for our loved ones as Christmas approaches. This year, of course, things are likely to be a little different. The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic have impacted every aspect of day to day life and Christmas is going to be no exception. This year, people are thinking with a different perspective. Many people are likely to appreciate items that can be used at home without having to interact with others. While gifts like experience, festival tickets, concert tickets and theatre tickets were extremely popular this time last year, sales are expected to be almost non-existent this year, as people don’t want to buy things that are highly likely to be cancelled to comply with social isolation and social distancing. People are likely to want things they can use at home regardless of changes to restrictions and government guidelines. On top of this, few of us are likely to be able to gift in person this year. Travel between countries and states is highly limited and you may not be able to mix households, so gifts with an expiration date (such as food), or that are difficult to deliver in the post (such as bottles of drinks), are likely to experience a dip in popularity too. Unsurprisingly, many people are turning their minds to gadgets instead. Here are a few gadgets that are likely to top people’s Christmas lists to keep an eye out for!

Bread Making Machines

Making bread at home has skyrocketed in popularity throughout the pandemic. During lockdown periods, many stores have completely sold out of baking basics like flour, baking soda, bicarbonate of soda and more. So, many people have found themselves with a new hobby on their hands that a bread making machine could really help with! There are many makes and models of bread makers out there that you could consider, with all sorts of different features. So, if you have a newfound baker in your life, why not start doing a little research and determining which would be best for them?


People feel a little confined to their homes at the moment. So why not offer a means of escape via a drone? Drones are flying machines that can capture footage during their flight. They’re controlled with a manual controller. This is a fun gadget for your loved one to play with. They can practice in their garden, then go further afield as long as they’re not living near drone restricted zones. There are plenty of drones out there to suit all sorts of different budgets. So, why not take a look at

The Latest Smartphones

New smartphones are being released left, right and centre right now. If you’re looking for a big gift, the latest smartphone is a great purchase. Take a look at the options on the market and consider your loved one’s preferences. Are they an Apple user? Do they prefer Samsung? Are they a Google fan? You’ll be able to update and upgrade to give them all of the latest features in their pocket!

Temperature Controlled Mugs

Most of us are familiar with the sensation of making a cup of tea or coffee and accidentally leaving it to go cold. This feels like a waste and is inconvenient, as you have to make a new cup to drink. Well, not any more. There are now temperature controlled mugs available. They generally keep drinks at a set temperature for roughly one and a half hours. They can then be recharged to be used again. Many have settings to maintain the optimum temperature for different drinks too!

Instant Film Cameras

Instant film cameras fell out of fashion for a while, with most people opting to use digital cameras or – nowadays – their smartphones instead. But right now, instant cameras are back. They print images out immediately, creating more candid shots and genuine memories. They have a nostalgic feel and there are multiple options available – more modernised designs and more classic designs. Sure, film can get a little pricey. But they’re for less frequent use – probably on special occasions and for more candid memory making.

These are just a few different gadgets that are likely to feature on Christmas lists this year. So, bear them in mind when it comes to doing your Christmas shopping!

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