How To Grow Your Global Audience

With more people online than ever before, there has never been a better time to market your business products or services to a global market. Websites like Amazon and E-Bay can also provide a platform for small businesses selling niche products to a broader customer base. 

But if you are a small enterprise, then growing a global audience for your brand may seem like an expensive venture. However, you can do some small things to help establish a worldwide audience for your venture. 


Suppose you are working in an industry with a lot of jargon or products with detailed specifications. In that case, you might want to consider getting your web content or product descriptions translated professionally. There are several providers online who can translate your copy accurately and very affordably. Translation allows you to expand beyond regions dictated by what languages you usually deal with. However, consider that translation may need to become an ongoing cost as you may get queries from customers who do not speak your native language. 


The internet is a visual medium. People are used to quickly scrolling through social media, and unless something catches their eye, they will rarely stop. A global audience is excellent, but only you can turn the audience into customers. You need to hold their attention and then transform that interest into a sale. The best way to do this is to make sure your products or services are captured and reflected in the images you use on your website and social media. Consider professional photography, but you can achieve similar without the expense if this is out of your price range. There are expert blogs that can advise you on how to sell your products through good photography. 

Know Your Audience

If you have translated your website and got some good attention with your imagery, it might be time to target specific regions to drum up sales. You should research the market. Your competitors in one country might be very different from your competitors elsewhere. If you are getting a lot of attention, then employ a sales representative for the region. Cloud Solutions mean you can now have access to your office, wherever you are in the world, so that employees can travel or if things have taken off, you can even employ someone within the locale of your trade, who can secure big contracts and clients. 


The most crucial thing to consider in any global expansion is how you will deliver your product or services to customers around the world. Global logistics can be outsourced but can be expensive. Consider if there are ways your product could be packaged smaller, or if it is a service, can it be delivered exclusively online. Any reduction in logistics costs will maintain profit margins. But, be aware, profit margins will vary from country to country. The cost of shipping may increase, but also, the value of the currency can fluctuate. It would be best if you were prepared for this, with any expansion into another territory. 

However, if you take these small steps, you will be much closer to having a global audience for your brand.

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