How To Improve Your Logistics Facility’s Security

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You’re likely reading this blog post because you own or manage a logistics company, and you oversee a facility such as a depot or a warehouse. But, you’re worried about inadequate security at your premises and want to streamline your operations.

The truth is, boosting your logistics facility’s security isn’t as complicated or frustrating as you might think. Take a look at the following inspirational ideas to help you increase your facility’s security for the benefit of your employees and the goods that your company transports:

Employee Background Checks

As a responsible business, you will undoubtedly do some checks on the people you wish to hire. But, how comprehensive are the checks that you conduct? You must have proper checking mechanisms in place before onboarding any new team members.

One of those checks should be on criminal backgrounds. Let’s face it: you need to ensure you can trust your facility employees 100%, especially when they’re managing and transporting valuable goods from other companies daily.

Take a look at this guide from for further information on the types of background checks you might need to conduct. It might surprise you to learn there are some things you need to start doing from right now!

Access Control Systems

You don’t want random members of the public entering your facility and potentially stealing goods stored at your premises. Similarly, you want to limit employees’ access to various areas in your facility.

That’s why it makes sense to have good access control systems in place. Here are some examples of access control systems that are appropriate for logistics businesses like yours:

Keycard Access

It’s not viable for most companies to have teams of security personnel posted in most areas of their premises. The good news is you can use technology to limit access only to people who have a legitimate reason to be there.

It makes sense for employees to have lanyards for their keycards. They allow people to keep their keycards prominently on themselves at all times. Take a look at to see examples of lanyards your team could have.

Biometric Access

As you can appreciate, there’s a lot of confidential and sensitive information on your IT systems. The last thing you want to happen is enabling that data to end up in the wrong hands.

You will undoubtedly already use some access controls for your computers, such as passwords. But, biometric access controls take things a step further. Computer hackers cannot log into your systems using passwords alone when you have biometric security.

Your team will typically need to use one of the following in addition to passwords:

  • Fingerprint or iris scan;
  • USB dongle 
  • Facial recognition;
  • Signature scan.

GPS Tracking

One final security provision to consider is GPS tracking. Your logistics company undoubtedly uses vans, trucks, and semi-trucks to move goods to and from your facility, so it makes sense to have some way of tracking them.

GPS tracking is useful for identifying where your drivers are if you need to redirect any of them. Plus, it provides a way of locating your vehicles in case they get lost or stolen.

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