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Commercial real estate makes up a large chunk of the real estate that’s bought and sold on the property market today. Most of the time, investors will purchase some commercial real estate and rent it out to different companies. The most common type of commercial real estate is office space. Naturally, you want to attract as many potential renters as possible, allowing you to drive up the price of your rent. You also want to attract attention as soon as you can, gaining an occupant extremely quickly. 

With that in mind, how do you make your commercial property appealing to potential renters? 

Provide a fully-furnished property

A fully-furnished office is instantly more appealing than one with nothing in it. An empty office means the business has to spend time and money finding furniture to place in the building. Instead, you can do all of this for them, creating an office area that’s ready to use. The key is including lots of good office furniture that people are going to like. For instance, you need ergonomic chairs and desks – preferably ones that can easily be moved around so the renter can change the layout if they wish. Additionally, you need some softer seats for communal areas of the office. Places like Civic Australia are good places to look as they sell a lot of furniture for educational institutions, so there are plenty of sofas and armchairs that would work perfectly in an office communal area. 

Ensure good internet can be installed

Make sure that your commercial property has good internet installation options. You don’t want to force your renters to choose from one or two providers. Ensure they can pick from as many as possible, so they don’t miss out. Also, make sure that your building has fibre connectivity – if it’s available in the area. This allows any future tenants to get the fastest internet speeds possible. Obviously, for businesses, fast and reliable internet is extremely attractive. 

Provide a cleaning service

For a small investment on your behalf, you can employ some office cleaners to visit the office space at regular intervals. Effectively, this means that your tenants benefit from getting their office cleaned regularly. It’s another thing for them to not worry about, making life a lot easier. Plus, it’s another added benefit from your end, giving you another reason to ask for more rent than other properties in the area. If the tenant doesn’t want a cleaning service, you could also give them the option to not have it included, reducing their rent. This makes them feel like they’re getting a discount, so they’ll be more interested as well. Either way, you’re going to generate interest from a lot of businesses. 
After all, that’s the key to owning a commercial property. You want many businesses to approach you asking about moving in. In turn, you’ve generated a demand for your property, letting you set a better price for the rent. These businesses know that lots of other companies are fighting for this prime office space, so they’ll do whatever they can to claim it!

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