How Your Business Location Can Help Your Business Thrive

When it comes to moving your business forward, often a great move to make is to stop working from home and find the right business location to help your business thrive. However, it isn’t as simple as finding the right place, putting your name on it and starting trading. It needs to work for you in other aspects as well. Your business location needs to be functional and also help your business thrive.

This year has certainly been an unprecedented year for business. For so many it has seen people having to stay at home, shops shut and businesses come to a standstill. But while you may have navigated these unchartered waters and found yourself facing the new year with your business still intact, a new location for your business could be the next step to take. However, there are many different aspects that can help your business to continue to thrive outside of your working from home environment. So how do you achieve that? Here’s how you can do it. 

The best location for your office?

Many businesses start at home, and this can offer great flexibility when it comes to time management and working arrangements. However, once your business takes off, you can end up really taking over your home so you begin the journey of finding the right business premises for you. Taking into account costs and overheads that your business is now going to incur thanks to the lease and rent. A look online and deciding on factors such as the location, access for people as well as being easy to find will all be factored in to help you make the right decision. 

Making sure the location is the right fit

There are many different factors that you need to consider when it comes to finding the right place for your business. It isn’t all about the space and whether it works for you, it is also about considering your customers, how they will find you and being inclusive to everyone such as access for disability and ease of use in the area. Take into account your customers and clients and what they may need from your business location. You want to encourage people to attend the shop or showroom, or be in attendance for business meetings and deals. The business location can either be the right choice, or the wrong place that puts people off dealing with your business as a whole. 

Does it make the right impression for clients and customers?

When it comes to your business premises, you need to ensure that it will make the right impression for your customers and clients. After all, it is a place where one should be able to conduct business professionally. However, it also needs to be a place that suits your requirements. You will be spending a big chunk of your time there. So you need to feel comfortable in the environment and make sure that you can make your phone calls, answer your emails and conduct the business the way that you want to. If you are inviting people to your office, you also need to ensure that you can meet the requirements of those people. Offering washroom facilities as well as a place for you to make refreshments like tea and coffee or offering water. You should also consider first impressions and the likelihood is that you will have technology out, maybe an iMac or other computer. However, you will want to keep the screens private so looking at how you hide desktop icons on mac and instead replace them with company logos or videos can help to make the environment appear professional. It also needs to have some decor elements to be an inviting place to be such as a heavy duty carpet that looks good as well as being durable and also things like furniture, office equipment and chairs. These are all the necessities to make someone feel comfortable in their environment and therefore enable you to get on with the task in hand. 

Does it have good communication signals?

These days many businesses are based around the internet and being able to communicate. We are now in the world of modern technology where we rely on phones and 4g or even 5g signals now with internet access at all times. So when you find that you have found a good location it may be wise to ensure that the signals in the area are good. That means a decent wifi link up, a good signal for your phone and access on your phone. The more you take into account these issues, the less hassle you will have when it comes to dealing with your customers.

Can give you greater flexibility

Working from home is flexible, there is no denying that. You can choose the hours you work, when and how often, and obviously there is no commute. But trying to close a business meeting in an evening when your family is home can be difficult. Meeting with clients at different times of the day at your property can be an invasion into your privacy as well as difficult depending on the timing. So while there is grateful flexibility in working from home, there are also many advantages to think about when it comes to having a business location. Meetings when you want them, timings that suit everyone and privacy to conduct business and discuss things. 

Remember these factors

Last of all, while most is covered above it is worth remembering some of the key factors when choosing your business location and why some of them could help your business thrive. These include:

  • Location is key – it needs to be close to transport links, parking, be able to drive footfall traffic into your business if you want that. 
  • Space – it needs to be fit for purpose to help your business to continue to thrive. Office spaces to work from, areas for your customers to be in, an area to showcase what your business is all about. 
  • Making a good impression – it is essential that your business location makes the right first impression.

Let’s hope these tips help you find the right business location and premises to help your business thrive. 

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