How to banish the impostor syndrome

Many women have feelings of self-doubt when faced with professional challenges: Am I good enough? Am I smart enough? Am I strong enough (mentally speaking)?

The authentic self is the soul made visible” says Sarah Ban Breathnach

According to Dr. Valerie Young’s Impostor Syndrome website even the most high profile, most influential women and men have feelings of inadequacies. The psychological experience of believing that one’s accomplishments came about not through genuine ability, but as a result of having been lucky, having worked harder than others, or having manipulated other people’s impressions, has been labeled the impostor phenomenon.

Often women might not complete on business deals or career opportunities due to ‘Impostor Syndrome’. The antidote may be easier said than done as women need to be fearless and take responsibility. Women can take the first step by showing the world their authenticity.

There is an abundance of talented women who strive to be the best that they can be.

Global sustainability – socially, economically, environmentally and politically relies on women doing their part, which means utilizing innate talents.

So why might some women not pursue their dream careers?

In her book, The Equality Illusion Kat Banyard highlights reasons for inaction. Banyard cites that women and girls are bombarded by images of what they should be doing. From primary socialization to the media, women, and girls are shown what they should be like in order to fit into society’s vision of what is acceptable. Boys are positioned as boisterous and building things while girls are positioned as quiet home-makers.

Perhaps women should step out from the cloud of societal constraints and let their talents shine.

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