Improving Energy Efficiency In Your Business

What is energy efficiency? 

It’s the process of using as little energy as possible for your everyday tasks. So, you use minimal energy to power your electronics, minimal energy to heat or cool your workplace, and so on. The more efficient you are, the less energy you will use. 

Why does a business need to worry about energy efficiency?

Two reasons:

  1. It is better for the environment and will lower your carbon footprint if you are more energy-efficient every single day. 
  2. You will save money on ongoing energy bills, which can come in handy when looking at your profit margins because your expenses have been reduced each month. 

Evidently, this is something you need to keep an eye on and think about. How can your business improve energy efficiency every single day? Here are a few solutions that are easy to implement and have a positive impact on your company’s energy efficiency:

Use more efficient equipment

Wherever possible, choose equipment that is more efficient and uses less energy. We can look at all sorts of industries for examples of little changes you can make to achieve this. In a more industrial sense, many companies opt for a shell and tube heat exchanger in large machines to preserve energy usage and transfer heat more efficiently. In office settings, choosing an HVAC system that is designed to be energy efficient will work wonders. It’s all about finding equipment or machines and picking options that use up as little energy as possible when in operation. 

Only turn things on when they need to be on

This applies to equipment, machines, your HVAC system, and the lighting in your business. Follow a very simple rule: if it’s not in use, don’t turn it on. What is the point in having computers turned on if someone isn’t using them? This applies to instances where you take a prolonged break from your computer as well. If you are away from your desk for 30 minutes, turn your computer off while you eat. If everyone in the office does this, you can save so much energy throughout the week. If nobody is in a room, don’t turn the lights on – or make sure the heating/cooling system isn’t active in that room. You become more energy efficient by only turning things on when they are in use. 

Look for eco settings

This largely refers to electronics, but you can find other equipment in your workplace that also has a setting like this. Effectively, eco settings will let you run things at a lower power consumption rate than usual. PC monitors often all have these, and it basically means that the brightness is turned down and other features are altered to ensure minimal energy is used without compromising performance. 

Being more energy efficient is a smart move for all businesses to take. In fact, it can help you grow as a company because you are saving money, but you’re also improving your reputation. People respect companies that actually care for the environment and clearly make changes to use less energy and reduce their carbon footprint. 

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