Is Your Business Environmentally Friendly?

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As a business owner, your priorities will likely lie in creating quality goods and services in order to turn a profit. That’s why you started your own business, right? Nevertheless, there is more to running a business in this day and age than simply making money. Contemporary customers are looking for more than a product that gets the job done; they want to know they are putting their money into something good. If your business isn’t ethical on paper, you are likely to lose customers because of it. One way you can change your company for the better, help the planet and expand your customer base is to make your business more environmentally friendly.

Depending on the industry your business operates within, these changes could be easy or they could be pretty challenging. Digital businesses are typically simpler to make environmentally friendly, because the carbon footprint created by software is much smaller than retail, food or fuel. Yet no matter what your business does, there are ways to reduce your environmental impact on the world. Let’s take a look at how it can be done!

Your office space

Turning your office into an eco office doesn’t mean ripping the whole thing down and starting again. In fact, that would be a pretty un-eco-friendly choice! Instead, you can implement small changes that will make small but meaningful impacts to your working environment. Some of these changes could be:

  • Open windows rather than constant air conditioning. Who else blasts the AC in the office at all times? It seems to be a universal thing. Instead of doing this, wasting electricity and circulating the same air constantly, you could open windows for fresh air and a lower carbon footprint.
  • Do away with plastic cups. Provide your employees with branded water bottles and coffee mugs and say goodbye to disposables!

Your operations

When it comes to making your operations more sustainable, this may cost you money in the beginning. It is not easy to operate a sustainable operation in a world that prioritizes fast, cheap production. To do this, you will need to get to the core of your manufacturing process. Consider transport costs, plastic packaging and worker conditions when considering how to change your business’ environmental impact. 

The crucial piece of advice you need to make this happen is: you won’t be able to do it all at once. Making your business environmentally friendly will take time, money and patience. Begin with one area of your operation and slowly expand these changes over the years ahead. Write about these changes on your company site; customers want to know how you are making an effort to contribute to our planet. Additionally, becoming certified by an independent body such as ACG can boost your credibility in the area you need to improve. Transparency, patience and dedication will fuel your environmentally friendly future.

Final Thoughts

Although making these changes is a challenge, company dedication to sustainable business practices will fortify the longevity of your business. Customers recognise integrity; be proud of yours.

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