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Improve efficiency - Lena BenjaminThese days acquiring more from the resources you have usable is almost assumptive. There are increasingly more tools to help, yet there are still the same battles to be as productive as you’d like. Does it truly need to be like that? Here are some tips for getting more productive.

A few of us are at our very best early in the morning. For other people it may be late into the night or even in the midst of the day. Recognizing when you’re at your best is important when it comes to scheduling what you do and when you accomplish it.

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Ascertain at the start of every day what final results you’ll have achieved. Don’t trouble yourself if you don’t have every detail calculated as to how you’ll accomplish it. By arranging an intention or final result you’ll work out ways of accomplishing it.

A lot of individuals lack clarity on what their key deliverables are. We all recognize that about twenty percent of what we do accounts for about eighty percent of the outcome. What is the twenty percent that affords the most affect for you? If you don’t understand, set out to learn.

While it is forever alluring to begin with simple stuff and begin scoring things off the list, prevent doing this. Begin with the most ambitious task first. It may be a report, a project plan, a spec or a crucial client call. Whatever it is do it first of all.

Open plan offices are all the craze. While they’re great for team and group working, you occasionally require some quiet space. Make it well-defined to those around you if you require a slot of time without disruptions.

The more successful you get, the more probable you are to get your day filled with meetings. With journals also being open to other people, it can mean there’s no time to get things executed. Make sure to book tasks that you have to do as engagements so that the time isn’t grabbed by somebody else.

Remember you’re a ‘human being’ and not a ‘human doing’. It’s all too easy to set up lists to do that are altogether unrealistic. We all have done it. We like to be helpful. Assume the habit of arranging challenging but truthful targets.

At the end of the day maximizing your productivity is an ongoing action. Begin by taking a few easy steps and watch as you start to accomplish more and more with less exertion.

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Lena Benjamin

Founder of EmpowerHER Global, Lena will empower you to grow your business to the next level, through her common sense approach and passion for your business. She already has over 15 years experience growing B2B companies both large and small resulting in millions in revenue. She's a forward thinking and strategic entrepreneur, involved in a number of opportunities including property (real estate), mobile and other online platforms. Lena is a Startupbootcamp InsurTech London mentor. Additionally she has two degrees one of which is a Master in Business Administration, MBA, achieved from the University of Westminster in London UK just down the road from the Houses of Parliament where Lena has spoken and first created Inspiring Women in the 21st Century in 2012 that became Empowering Women Summit.

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