Listen to Inner Guidance

Meditate2We live in a world in which everything happens too fast, and where we end up getting very detached from one another and from our inner self. Yet our senses and our brain work nonstop to gather information useful to us. When thanks to intuition we are given the chance to get some of this information if needed, we are so detached from our inner wisdom we tend to discard such information.

We tend to not trust those things we have not rationalized, we do not believe in our inner guidance because the world around us does not value it enough. 
It seems that to do things right we need to think everything through, analyze, make a well-reasoned decision. But sometimes we make a decision based on just a feeling, sometimes we do what we do because “it feels right”. This happens because we are wired to intuit, to use our instinct as well as our rationalizing ability. Getting to a balance between both would be ideal, but a lot of the time we forget about giving intuition the importance it deserves.

We all want happiness and success in our lives, we look up at famous entrepreneurs and artists and we choose to believe that their conscious knowledge, their cool head, their rationalization of every step got them there… And for sure they helped, but intuition must be added to all of these traits. Time and time again, successful people mention their intuition as the crucial quality they used when asked about their progress in life.

As Sylvia Clare, author of Trust Your Intuition, puts it: “Intuition is the highest form of intelligence, transcending all individual abilities and skills.” 
We are living in a time when becoming what we want to be, living the way we want to live, doing what we like the most has become a very difficult task. If we do not wish to give up but to keep pursuing our dreams, it is the time to start questioning our fear to be irrational and to start listening to our inner guidance.

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