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“I’m here to empower your lifestyle with real assets and solutions. With over 25 years of multifaceted business and startup experience; a decade of real estate, property management and consultancy expertise. Plus two business degrees from London Universities. I’ve also spoken in the Houses of Parliament; visited, worked in and/or done business in most of the 32 London boroughs and the City of London. Born in the London borough of Bromley in 1975 so you could say I know London!” This is Lena Benjamin, host of Property Business Podcast. Agent & Consultant at 

If you have at least 600,000 GBP (£) or more to spend to purchase a home or real estate investment opportunity in London visit or email

For those corporations, private equity firms and entrepreneurs on a tier one visa to the UK you should consider acquiring corporate housing in London to empower the lifestyles of your employees and other key stakeholders. Corporate housing should be part of any savvy corporations talent acquisition plans. The world is the oyster of the diverse talent that companies need to empower profit and people so why not consider having an environment that will encourage creativity and innovation.

At Luxury Realtors we can search for a property within the 32 London boroughs that will meet your requirements. The boroughs with opportunity for growth and development include Hackney for its close proximity to the City of London. Euston for the opportunities in the area and the connection of High Speed 2. Greenwich and the surrounding areas. Plus other areas that we can discuss with you in a virtual meeting that can be booked at

It may also help you to know that I know about working in several corporations in London including retail, reinsurance and engineering consultancy which involved direct client work with multi-million pound revenue clients. I’m not one of those specialists who preaches about how to engage with employees and clients in corporations. I have actually been involved internally in the process and know all about what actually works and what doesn’t. It is why I was asked to contribute my thought leadership in the book Financial Times Guide to Management.

So not only would you be getting someone that has managed and refurbished her own London and Kent properties but who is strategically aware of the economic and built environment within the UK and globally.

London is one of those cities that has nooks and crannies that a foreign investor may not know about. Because I have been inside London’s most iconic buildings and institutions this makes the process of engagement that much more essential to a buyers return on investment. 

I’ve had the pleasure of organising and attending high-profile events and providing business services to high net worth’s in the City of Westminster, one of the most iconic areas in London. A large proportion of the corporations I have worked for have been in the City of Westminster. 

My Master of Business Administration (MBA) obtained in 2010 was from the University of Westminster. In my 20s I worked for Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Mont Blanc and Liberty of London to name a few of the high-end luxury department stores all based in the City of Westminster. 

I was a frequent visitor to the Houses of Parliament when I worked for a global engineering firm from 2007 – 2010. I also worked for the electrical contractors association in Bayswater from 2001 – 2003 all companies in the City of Westminster. You could say I have an insider’s real life experience of the City of Westminster which should be of value to any savvy real estate investor.

Competition is vast among the global talent that have decided to study in London and those that want to expand their business operations in the Capital should consider acquisition of real estate. The work/live concept can be extremely beneficial or adding real estate to the companies asset column of its balance sheet is equally important.

As us savvy entrepreneurs and certain employees know having more than one income stream is just part and parcel of living and working in a global economy in the 21st century.

For those entrepreneurial listeners that use the Internet to build business, we can empower you with Internet Consultancy Solutions, find out more at or Why not attend a How to Kickstart Your Internet Business free webinar the last one in 2021 is on Saturday December 18, book your free place at

On another note It’s good to read about British Airways providing short haul flights out of London Gatwick Airport from March 2022 so that companies based out of Cyprus and Malta, where we also provide real estate services and investments will be pleased to hear. That way you can do business in London and get back in time to experience the Mediterranean weather and hospitality. Other destinations also added to the short haul flights offered out of Gatwick by British Airways is on the corporate website. Personally I do prefer flying out of Heathrow Airport though!

I’m here to empower your London UK corporate housing acquisitions with property search and interior design. With over 25 years of multifaceted business and startup experience; a decade of real estate, property and refurbishment management expertise. This is Lena Benjamin, host of Property Business Podcast. Agent & Consultant at 

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