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Global Expansion for Chrishon Lampley, CEO, and founder at LCS Entertainment, located in North America. Lena Benjamin, founder at EmpowerHER Global, action and progress for women in business worldwide, talks to Chrishon for the EmpowerHER Global Podcast. Lena will also conduct a fireside chat with Chrishon at the EmpowerHER Global Summit  (click to register to attend)

LCS Entertainment is a wine and lifestyle brand dedicated to offering consumers wine, entertainment, and other products and services. The business provides consumers with a line of Love Cork Screw wines. Other products added to the lifestyle brand include six types of scented candles available at Target, wine-scented body butter and a cookbook Your Guide to Tasteful Manners with Love Cork Screw

EmpowerHER Global Podcast Questions for Chrishon:

    1. What would you love people to know about your business – LCS Entertainment?
    2. Your business growth stage is at Expansion – and at EmpowerHER Global our definition of an “Expansion” business is – “Broadening Horizons, New Countries, and Offerings” – what progress are you making to expand?
    3. Will you be including additional lifestyle experiences to complement the brand? [I did a Love Cork Screw / Bites wine crawl the second time I was in Chicago dated March 28, 2015 – that experience was the highlight of my trip]
    4. What is your favorite recipe in the Love Cork Screw cookbook and why?
    5. What do you love about doing business in the USA and in particular Chicago?

Listen to the Podcast with Chrishon Lampley, CEO at LCS Entertainment

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