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“Get The Most From Recurring Income By Creating a Successful Membership Website!”

 Have you been thinking about building a membership site? If you answered yes, you are jumping on the bandwagon with many others – you definitely are not alone. There’s been a growing interest in these types of sites. So if building a successful membership site is your goal, you’ll want to access this member content.

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In this Empower Business Club member content you’ll discover…

  1. Why You Should Create a Membership Site 
  2. 2 Mistakes That can Kill Your Membership Program 
  3. Setting Up a Membership Site 
  4. How to Setup a Membership Program 
  5. Things You Should Know About Membership Websites
  6. Pricing Your Membership and Accepting Payments 
  7. 5 Things Your Membership Site Should Have 
  8. Find Out Which Membership Plugins You Need 
  9. 4 Components of an Effective Membership Website 
  10. Choosing the Right Membership Software for You 
  11. Find Out Why You Should Build a Membership Site 
  12. Creating Your Membership Tiers and Your Content Drip 
  13. How to Create a Squeeze Page for Your Membership Page 
  14. How to Build a Successful Membership Site by Ensuring Valuable Content 
  15. How Will You Facilitate Membership Interaction on your Membership Site 

You’ll also have an opportunity to brainstorm the implementation of this member content with Lena Benjamin MBA, founder of Empower Business Club with over 20 years of business and startup experience.

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