EmpowerBusinessClub.com grows internet-based ventures, projects, businesses and client services through online assets, tools, resources, benefits and virtual consultancy solutions. Founded by Lena Benjamin, an online platform creator since 2002 and business growth advisor with over 25 years experience. Working with a global team of experts.

“We work to empower knowledge-based business professionals including consultants, educators, specialists, advisors to achieve six-figure incomes online by using their niche expertise for action & progress.” 

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For new and existing real estate investors alike. It is an online community and digital assets where you can learn how to build cashflow from real estate assets.Founded by Lena Benjamin with over 10 years of real estate agency, landlord, and global multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy experience.

You’ll have instant access to different money making techniques, selling tips, how to negotiate effectively, software that will help you to increase the profits from a buy-refurbish-sell.  Plus more depending on the plan.

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