Mobile Phone Charging Opportunity

The Mobile Phone Charging Opportunity is a fantastic income generation business enterprise for an existing venue like a freehouse pub, internet cafe, gym, salon, mobile phone shop or aspiring entrepreneur with access to a venue with a decent footfall. You can achieve income from selling digital advertising space to local businesses and £1 quick booster charge of 10 mobile phones simultaneously. The charging ports are for over 95% of mobiles on the market including iOS and Android. 

Potential income £600 per calendar month i.e. £200 from coin revenue and £400 from monthly digital advertising. There is no limit to the number of adverts you can have on the machine – set up a standing order with the form in the operators manual and away you go!

What do you get:

  • CLY10 Vending Machine Mobile Phone Charging Digital Adverts Unit 29x20x52cm (keys and remote controls)
  • Operators Manual (standing order form, template letters, installation instructions, networking guide)
  • Charge Your Mobile Phone Here A3 poster
  • Free UK delivery 

Check out the mobile phone charging unit and digital advertising vending machine opportunity visit the shop to purchase. Or see below if in stock.

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