Multi-Award Winning Healthy World Food Brand

Nom Noms World Food is a multi-award winning healthy world food brand that takes tastebuds to 15 exotic destinations around the world with 2 course prepared meals and high protein hot wraps. The brand delights and engages in dialogue about culture, cuisine and charity and brought to life with AR, VR technology with blockchain. Lena Benjamin, founder of EmpowerHER Global, a platform to progress women business owners worldwide, talks to Lisa Sohanpal, CEO & Founder at Nom Noms World Food for the EmpowerHER Global Podcast.

Lisa Sohanpal created this brand out of a personal need when she became a mom to 3 young children all within 3 years. Prior to that she was an international director within the medical devices industry and has managed and led business in up to 47 countries around the world. She has also achieved an accolade of 33 industry awards based around innovation in packaging, design, concept and entrepreneurship.

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