Office End of Week Socials Use DrinksBot

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Lena Benjamin, founder, and CEO of EmpowerHER Global, action and progress for women in business worldwide, speaks to DrinksBot founder Ekua Cant based in London UK. Noticing that there was no easy and quick solution to ordering drinks for office end of week drinks, DrinksBot decided to solve it using technology and partnership. The Start-up provides alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to offices using a Slack app with chatbot, allowing the ordering of drinks sent directly to the customer’s office. Ekua partners with craft brewers and wholesalers to provide quality and unique drinks, with scope for a partnership in Brooklyn, New York City. Listen to the Podcast show with Ekua of DrinksBot.

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Hear the interview with Ekua, empower the end of week office socials with DrinksBot

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