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Thought Leaders – Cu

  As we try to come out of one of the worst economic climates in history, I believe companies are not recognizing that we are constantly changing – it is the 21st Century and we are seeing that customers and employees are equally the thought leaders that need to be listened to and understood. Customers […]

Is Money a Motivator...

  The economic woes have seen unprecedented times across the globe from the developing to the developed parts of the world. The financial sector has taken a battering and has seen many people question the embedded culture that existed for so long with an attitude of ‘let’s make as much money as possible no matter […]

Entrepreneurs are th...

When I was asked to be one of the speakers/contributors to the Managing Culture: Diversity and Equality panel at the Leaders First finale to Entrepreneurs 2012 on 16 November, I was asked to compose answers to a few interview questions. Here is my response… Other notable keynotes included the 42nd President of the USA Bill […]

Be the Change

Anita Roddick said, “I think that business practices would improve immeasurably if they were guided by feminine principles – qualities like love and care and intuition.” While men traditionally secure management and boardroom jobs, women are successfully gaining roles in those careers where they can make a real difference to our lives; politics, education and […]