Real Estate: Could It Be for You?

By now, we’re all well aware that we’re in the midst of a pandemic and that this situation  doesn’t seem likely to be resolved in the immediate future. We’re all adjusting to living during these trying times and overcoming the challenges that the pandemic is throwing our way. Now, one major issue many of us are facing is financial problems. Many companies are being forced to stop operations, as governments around the world are encouraging people to stay at home and away from others. This means company collapses, redundancies, workers being offered shorter working hours and people being less likely to spend the money that they do have – impacting the businesses that are still allowed to operate. All in all, you may be feeling the consequences of this and you may, consequently, be looking for some new ways to make money – either temporarily or permanently. One area that many people are looking at getting into is real estate. As you can imagine, real estate could be a great way to make money. People always need housing, so there’s always demand for housing – both rented and sold. At the same time, there’s a lot to learn when getting involved in this field. Here are some suggestions and pieces of information that should be able to help you get started!

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The Basics

When people get into real estate, they generally take one of two paths. Buying to sell or buying to let. Each involves buying a property, but the way that you make money back from the property differs.

Buy-to-Sell Basics

An alternative option is buying to sell. When you buy to sell, you buy a property outright and then sell it on. You might buy a worn down property, renovate it and then sell it for more. You may simply find a quality property at a low price, buy it and then sell it on to another buyer for more without having to do any work to it. The type of properties you invest in will be purely up to you and dependent on how much time, money and effort you want to invest into the project. Either way, you can make significant money with each property you invest in and sell for profit. When selling your property, you want to minimise costs, so may want to sell it yourself using marketing tools for real estate agents rather than hiring a real estate agent outright.

Most people who buy to sell are always looking for ways to ensure they sell at the highest price possible. However, note that setting the bar too high can either attract a suitable class of buyers or deter the wrong ones. So, it would help if you were extra vigilant when setting selling prices for your property.

If you undertake expensive innovations such as repainting, installing new windows and roofs, sealing walls and cracks, reinstalling new equipment, and others, ensure you weigh in all these things and come up with the right price. If you are not sure how to do this, it will not break a bone to seek guidance from realtors who have more years of experience in this field.

It is also good to ensure you find ways to sell my house fast to move onto the next property without wasting time. People who buy to sell should ensure that a specific property does not stay on the market longer than they expect to avoid financial losses.

Buy-to-Let Basics

When you buy to let, you buy a property and then let it out to tenants, who in return for living in the space will make monthly rent payments to you. At first, these instalments will help to cover the cost of the property that you’ve already forked out. But once this has cleared, you can continue to let the property out and the monthly rent payments will form an income for you. Whether this is your income that you live on in old age, or perhaps simply extra disposable income over the years. During the period when the property is still being paid off, you may, as a landlord, charge more than the mortgage amounts to your tenants. This way, the mortgage is paid and you take away extra income at the same time.

Of course, getting into real estate is going to involve a lot of time, effort and up front cash. But it could radically alter your income and secure you some cash, even during these difficult times!

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