Remote Meetings 101: Make Your Digital Boardroom Professional

The rise of remote work has carved a path for more and more options for running and operating a business. It’s made it more accessible since digital meetings offer a convenient and efficient way to connect with coworkers and business partners. However, as convenient as it is, it’s not always easy to make digital meetings seem as professional and productive as in-person boardroom meetings.

It’s challenging to conduct a productive meeting when you are not in the same room as the other participants. If you’re an investor, advisor, consultant, or involved in organizing remote meetings, read on to learn about the obstacles and solutions involved in setting up remote meetings.

Obstacle 1: Technical Difficulties

Poor internet connection, audio lag, or software glitches always cause disruptions, making effective and professional communication difficult. It can lead to frustration, decreased productivity, and generally feels amateur. 

Solution: Prepare Beforehand

To avoid technical difficulties, you must test all equipment and internet connections before the meeting. Test the video and audio quality and ensure all necessary software and plugins are installed and up-to-date. Encourage all participants to do the same and provide technical support if needed. 

Obstacle 2: Communication Barriers

The success of digital business meetings can falter without being face-to-face. Body language, facial expressions, and “the room” atmosphere aren’t as accessible over a digital call. With the lack of face-to-face interaction, participants can quickly disengage or be distracted, decreasing productivity and effectiveness.

Solution: Encourage Participation

Encourage active listening and participation so that you can avoid any miscommunication. Speak clearly and avoid too much jargon or technical terms. Use separate chats and digital tools to help reestablish a specific engaging atmosphere. Use interactive tools such as polls, surveys, and breakout rooms. 

It allows participants to engage in the meeting and contribute to the discussion actively. Provide ongoing opportunities for feedback and participation to break past the awkward quiet common in digital meetings. 

Obstacle 3: Out-of-Date Equipment

If you’re running a meeting on a five-year-old laptop with a $20 webcam and a headphone mic, that might be why it feels unprofessional. Poor video quality and audio quality will make a perfect internet connection or communication procedure feel negligible in comparison. First impressions are integral in the professional world, and a lousy equipment set-up will automatically put you at a disadvantage. 

Solution: Get Better Equipment

Simply put: an issue with equipment is best solved by better equipment. Invest in remote production software and a nice camera and mic. Any meeting you host or participate in will feel more professional, especially on your end, because you have a good set-up. If you’re particularly ambitious about it, you can invest in a lighting set-up, making you look even more professional during the meeting.


In conclusion, while digital business meetings offer many benefits—namely convenience—it’s easy for them to fall apart. So test your equipment and connections beforehand and engage in the remote medium to encourage participation and minimize distractions. With the right approach, digital meetings can be as effective as in-person meetings but with less stress and more flexibility.

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