Safe Business Environment For Your Employees

As an employer, it’s up to you to make sure that your team is productive. When dealing with issues of productivity, we often talk about how happy employees are and how valued they feel, but what about safety? 

If people feel unsafe in the workplace, whether that is because of physical dangers, harassment from other coworkers, or health risks in the office, their productivity will suffer. If you want your business to succeed, it’s vital that you create a work environment where all of your employees feel safe. These are some of the best ways you can do that. 

A Clear Reporting Process For Harassment 

When people are harassed or bullied in the workplace, it makes them feel unsafe and causes a lot of stress. They have to come to work every day knowing that somebody in the office is making them feel uncomfortable and acting in an intimidating way towards them, and many people don’t report this behaviour because they don’t think it will be taken seriously. It’s common for people to worry about being seen as a troublemaker and they think that reporting harassment will end up backfiring on them. You need to tackle this problem by putting a clear process for reporting harassment in place. Communicate this to your employees and let them know that you take all complaints seriously. Knowing that you will back them up in that situation makes people feel much safer in the workplace. 

A Comprehensive Security System

Protection from physical threats in the workplace is equally important. People may worry about break-ins or attacks as they are crossing the car park if they have been working late, for example. Commercial security services (like this one at can help you protect your business and make your employees feel a lot safer. Cameras and security systems act as a great deterrent, protecting your business and your employees. Internal cameras can also be used to prevent any internal employee theft. 

Routine Building Maintenance

Routine building maintenance is important because it helps you avoid expensive problems further down the line, but have you considered the impact it has on employee safety and how comfortable people feel at work? If you have loose wires hanging from the ceiling or half the walls contain asbestos, your employees are likely to feel unsafe being in the office. If you are unable to keep up with routine maintenance, it also gives the impression that you take a very relaxed approach to safety and you are probably cutting corners where health and safety regulations are concerned. It’s important that you keep your business premises in tip-top shape and conduct regular health and safety audits if you want your employees to feel safe in your office. 

Keep The Office Clean

Keeping the office clean is particularly important right now but it should always be a priority. A dirty office is a breeding ground for bacteria and employees are far more likely to get sick if you don’t stay on top of the cleaning. Read a great office cleaning checklist to follow to create a safe environment and improve productivity.

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