Safe Business – How & Why

When you are setting up your business, there are several things to think about. Some of them might seem more important than others, and something that you can often leave at the bottom of the priority list is health and safety. After all, surely everyone can just be careful around the workplace and no problems will occur? 

Although that might have been the way business owners used to think, the world has moved on, and now, thankfully, it is down to them to keep their staff and any members of the public who might be in or near their place of work, safe. In fact, it’s even the law. Yet why has it been made law, and why is it so important? Read on to find out. 

You Will Protect Your Staff 

One of the reasons you need to make your business a safe place to work is to protect your staff. Hiring an expert Caslec commercial electrician instead of having an unqualified employee fix any wiring is an excellent example of being safe and taking precautions because, without proper training, your employee could be seriously hurt. If you take this way of thinking and extend it to every part of your business, you’ll see that there is potential for injury in many different areas. 

When you are careful about your health and safety, you will protect your staff, meaning there is much less chance of them becoming injured or unwell. Quite apart from taking care of people being a part of decent human nature, it’s good for your business – with fewer people off from work due to injury, you can be much more productive and have a better reputation.

Retain Staff

No one is going to want to work somewhere that doesn’t take its health and safety seriously. They will feel unsafe and uncared for, and eventually – perhaps very quickly – those staff members will leave to work somewhere that has a much better health and safety record and that does think about its employees. They will do this even if you are paying a higher salary for the most part because they won’t want the stress and discomfort of feeling as though they could be hurt (or worse) every day they are at work. 

This is a big problem. Taking on new staff is an expensive thing to do; it costs far more to find a new employee than to keep an old one. Plus, you need to think of the time taken to train the new person and for them to settle in. Productivity will certainly be affected. The more this happens, the worse your profits will be. If you’re a safe place to work, you will be able to keep your staff (and not have to pay too much to do so).  

Save Money 

Every good business owner will be looking at all the ways they can save money in their business; this is all part of how a business works – the less you pay out and the more you bring in, the better your profits will be. Therefore, the last thing you will want is to have to pay out more for your insurance, but this is unfortunately what will happen if there is an accident at work and you have to make a claim. 

Insurance companies have to look at the risk they are taking on when they insure you. Those businesses that don’t have a poor health and safety record and haven’t made a claim are seen as a lower risk, so their insurance will be cheaper. Those that have made claims and where people have been hurt are a much greater risk and will have to pay much more. If you want to keep your costs down, you need to keep everyone safe. 

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