Signs Your Business isn’t Growing

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One of the most crucial aspects of opening a business is making sure that it grows into something great. If your business isn’t following the curve and growing the way that you expected it to, there’s probably some problems going on that you need to identify as early as possible to ensure that you have the best possible outcome. 

To help a business grow, you have to figure out the underlying factors that are preventing it from happening in the first place. Often, these are the same problems again and again. Articles such as How to Grow Your Wellness Business can help you to learn how to grow your business, but the only way you’re going to truly make it happen is if you figure out the signs that it’s not growing at all. So, with that in mind we’ve got some of the signs below that your business just isn’t going anywhere.

Your site really isn’t converting your customers. The website that you have is your face to the world, and you need to make sure that it is at the core of your business online. Your website should be loading quickly and it should work on computers, tablets and smartphones. It should be easy to navigate and it should display your contact information prominently. You need to also ensure that your content is fresh and frequently updated to keep your customers engaged and visiting over and over again.

Your website is old. We’re not just talking about the way that it lags, but the fact that it hasn’t had a makeover in logo or image for such a long time. Your online image can be impacted by a number of things from the reviews that have been mentioned about you online too having dead conversation on social media. Making over your image means contacting a great graphic designer and asking them for their help.

Your fees are really low. Most of the time businesses think that they can interact with customers by having low rates. While this works, if you are always having low rates how are you making a profit? It’s nice to drop your rates for a discount seasonally, but if you continue this race to the bottom you’re going to add everything that you need to break even and nothing to help you to grow.

Your community has no idea who you are, boosting your businesses local visibility online and offline is so important. It’s also really important for networking that you are able to be active in your local community. If there are community and charity events, your business should be involved in them whether or not it’s spending money on sponsors or you are getting involved in a charity drive.

People aren’t referring to your business. Referrals can help you to grow your business, and if you’re not getting enough of them it means people are not talking about you and they don’t want to. If you’re not getting too many referrals it’s time to take a step back and look at your business from a client perspective and then figure out what we’re doing wrong.

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