Simple Passive Income Streams Anyone Can Utilize

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If you want to make more money without taking on a second job or having to do too much extra work, there are a number of passive income streams that you can utilize to make more money. Passive income streams require a little time to set up, and sometimes a little maintenance, but once you’ve done that you can continue making money without doing much at all. Below are a few ideas of passive income streams that anyone can utilize: 

Writing Ebooks 

Writing ebooks isn’t exactly easy, but it could be the perfect venture for you if you have a lot to say about something you know about. If there’s a subject you’re quite proficient in, or even an expert in, writing ebooks on the subject could be ideal. Once they are ready and edited, all you really need to do then is market them. Don’t expect to make a fortune off one – you’ll always do better if you have a series, or multiple. Bear in mind that non fiction books do better than fiction. Doing this could earn you a nice bit of money while you sleep. 

Using Affiliate Links 

Using affiliate links is a smart way to get a percentage from products that you promote and sell. If you already have a blog, website, or even a YouTube channel, you could make money by using affiliate links. 

Advertise Using Your Car 

If you have a car and you drive a fair amount of miles, you could make money advertising on it. Many companies will pay for you to advertise their company for a set amount of weeks or months, and then pay you when the campaign is over. They’ll even put the advert on and remove it, so you don’t have to think about anything. All you need to do is drive as usual! 

Various Investment Types

Investing is one of the only ways to build wealth. There are a few ways you can do this, such as using platforms like MetaTrader 4 or even some of the basic investment apps out there today. However you start, just start now. The earlier you start the better, and you’ll make the most of compound interest this way. Just be sure you know your risk level, and understand that every investment comes with an element of risk. You shouldn’t invest money you’re not comfortable with losing. 

Use A Cashback Site 

Cashback sites allow you to shop as normal, but if you go through them you will get a percentage of your purchase back. It may only be small and take a while to go through, but you can save a lot of money. 

Get a High Interest Savings Account

High interest savings accounts aren’t that useful alone, but when used in conjunction with other tips here, they can make a big difference to your finances. 

Create An Online Course and Sell It 

This is another way you can monetize knowledge you have around a certain subject. Create an online course once and you can sell it again and again!
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