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Empower Business through Action and Progress

Speaker Bio: Lena Benjamin

Lena Benjamin’s focus is to Empower business success. Tapping into 20 years of marketing, business growth consultancy and client engagement experience from Global corporates to starting businesses and ventures (full bio). She combines any speaking engagement with passion and a focus on action and progress. She’s a forward-thinking and strategic entrepreneur, involved in a number of ventures. Lena is also a StartupBootCamp InsurTech London MentorLena has two business degrees one of which is a Master of Business Administration, MBA (2010) achieved from the University of Westminster, down the road from Houses of Parliament where Lena has spoken. Lena has a passion for traveling, collaborating with like-minded businesses and has a global outlook. She combines this wealth of experience as an Event Speaker. Lena is available for speaking engagements worldwide.

Some of Lena’s Past Speaking Engagements:

  • Women in Enterprise – Keynote speaker – Suffolk Centre for Female Entrepreneurship
  • Managing Culture – Entrepreneurs 2012, Leaders First – London ExCel
  • Women in Management Society Launch – Keynote – UCL
  • Globalization and the Growth of your Network – Dublin – Association of MBAs
  • Revolutionizing Customer Focus – Regents University – CMI

CEO & Founder – Web company

Lena provided an engaging talk on how to enable a customer-focused business

Head of Business Engagement and Entrepreneurship

I received glowing feedback from our senior personnel. I hope to work with Lena again.

UCL Career Consultant

Lena is clearly passionate, not only about women in business but also improving overall business dynamics through greater cooperation and understanding.

Head of Fundraising

Inspiring, Engaging and Empowering

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