Speaker Profile: Lena Benjamin

Currently based in London UK, available worldwide


"I empower business success as a marketing and sales specialist, working to grow profitable business with key clients for professional services firms. I also capitalise on over 10 years of residential real estate experience as a property consultant. My business finds and develops properties on behalf of investors, homeowners and service providers for wealth creation. As an event speaker, I have spoken for a number of well-known organisations including the Association of MBAs, City Business Library, UCL and the Foundation for Social Improvement on the topics of marketing strategies and establishing business growth with key clients for service-provider companies. I’m tapping into 20 years of multifaceted experience to incite action and progress. My montage of expertise involves global corporations, SMEs, charities, high-end retail, residential real estate, startups and eCommerce. I enjoy travel, learning Spanish, reading, business collaboration and talking to women business owners worldwide through my podcast."


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  1. Actions4Growth: 5 Steps to Key Client Growth Success

  2. EmpowerHER: Progress for Female Founders Worldwide

  3. Property Wealth: Learn the Five Strategies to Financial Freedom

Also available for panel discussions & fireside chats with a focus on women business owners, real estate and business growth.


Head of Business Engagement and Entrepreneurship

I received glowing feedback from our senior personnel. I hope to work with Lena again.

UCL Career Consultant

Lena is clearly passionate, not only about women in business but also improving overall business dynamics through greater cooperation and understanding.

Head of Fundraising

Inspiring, Engaging and Empowering

CEO & Founder – Web company

Lena provided an engaging talk on how to enable a customer-focused business