Strategy for B2B Client Growth

The tools and techniques in this online course provide a roadmap for strategising B2B client growth, which will result in revenue growth, satisfied and profitable clients, plus productive and strategic employees.

If you are focused on developing multimillion revenues from key business clients both nationally or internationally then this online course is for you and your team. This is Step 2 of the 5 Steps to Key Client Growth Success, which was developed in a multidisciplinary global consultancy firm and researched within SMEs for the development of the 5 Step framework.

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What you will learn?

  • How to develop a client focus strategy for each key client
  • Identify how to add value to the business and client services
  • Know where the gaps are to current performance and how to banish them through actions
  • How to create lifetime value each quarter

Topics for the course:

  • Crafting the client focus strategy
  • Client Focus Strategy Quiz
  • The Client Focus Strategy
    • Worksheet 1: Client Analysis
    • Worksheet 2: Analysis of Client Relationships
    • Worksheet 3: Action Plan
  • Value Creation Method
  • Closing the gap on performance issues through strategic actions
  • Good Practice in Action: Increasing lifetime value overtime
  • What are the results – quarterly key client growth reviews

Target audience:

  • Company directors
  • Corporate executives
  • Business owners

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