Become An Influential Leader

Discover how you can become an influential leader through nurturing, protecting, inspiring, guiding and sacrificing.

Leadership is incredibly valuable then, but unfortunately, it is not simple and easy. In fact, to demonstrate just how challenging leadership can be, keep in mind that a lot of people – including those who are in leadership roles – actually have no idea how to be a leader.

We have an image of what leadership means, and we often think of it as being in charge. That means we need to micromanage our staff, and it means that if they do something wrong, we need to shout at them. Right?

This couldn’t be further from what a good leader is. Many leaders make the mistake here of thinking that they should act almost like a parent – where their team are the children. That means shouting when someone does something wrong, it means setting strict rules, and it means taking a what-I-say-goes approach.

This is entirely the wrong attitude! When you approach your leadership role in this manner, you effectively smother the creativity and free thinking out of your team. That in turn means they are far less likely to do their best work. It also means they’re very likely to spend a lot of their time feeling extremely stressed and not doing their best work. In fact, this could eventually leave to them quitting.

What You’ll Learn in The Influential Leader eBook

  • Who Should Be A Leader
  • Life Skill Vs Superpower
  • Leadership Outside Of Work Environments
  • What Makes A Good Leader
  • Communication Skills
  • Giving Instructions Without Demanding
  • Explaining The Why
  • Speak So Others Will Listen
  • Speaking Slowly & Leaving Silence
  • Speaking With And To Emotion
  • Knowing When To Be Still
  • Importance Of Emotional Intelligence
  • Why It’s Important To Know Your Team
  • Putting Your Team Together
  • Getting The Most Out Of Your Team
  • How To Handle Difficult Team Members
  • Protection & Motivating Your Team
  • The Power Of Ownership
  • Give Others Freedom To Work On
  • How To Deal With Difficult Decisions
  • How To Stay Calm As A Leader
  • Challenges For Modern Leaders
  • And Much More!

Good communication means firstly being able to provide clear instructions that can guide your team.

Of course, if their behavior isn’t congruent with what you need from your team, then you can politely end the agreement between you. But that is not the same as yelling at someone until they run out of the office crying. You are equals who have made an agreement and they have simply chosen to terminate the agreement. Understand this.

Likewise, don’t make idle threats about their employment or their position. Some managers will literally tell their staff that they have the power to fire them, you know. Again, do you really think this is going to encourage an optimum performance?

Don’t you think they will end up just leaving the office entirely? So how do you go about motivating a team that isn’t working its best? We’ll get to that more in future chapters, but the idea is to guide and not force. Your team were selected because they each should bring important new skills to the table. Your job is to create an environment where they feel comfortable to flex that muscle and employ those skills.

At the same time, you must inspire them to want to work, and to help place the right person on the right task so that they feel enthusiastic and excited to get to work. You need to provide clear and concise instructions, but then also step back and let your team’s skills come to the forefront.

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