The Intermediate Guide To Fashion and Technology

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Fashion and technology are no longer limited to yesteryear’s drab designs; both fashion and technology are merging to create concepts, materials, and a plan for the future of innovative ways of manufacturing and the dawn of a New World.

Living beyond technological boundaries will be the new commodity and currency in a changing economic picture once the world starts turning once more post the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Fashion Design For a New Age

Technology and fashion are bringing new-age clothing innovations to life that may change how we wear clothes, allowing us to reuse, recycle, and repurpose the clothes we own.

Here is a sample of 6 of the leading innovative fabric trends changing the future of fashion and technology:

Sensing Health Issues

You may wear a fitness watch during exercise to monitor your heart rate and fitness levels, but what if you could measure your fitness through sensors built into your sportswear. The activewear Omsignal can collect medical data and information; the smart fabric has an embedded ECG, physical, and respiration sensors.

Your collected data is transferred to a recording sensor within the fabric, sending this information to your Cloud. The recorder can collect 50 hours of data without requiring it to be recharged.

Woven-In Sensors To Control Tech

If you are always losing your mobile phone, this may be the answer to your problems. The first garment embracing Google Woven In is the Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket.

The fabric contains tiny interwoven electronics with inbuilt snap tags that alert you when your device is activated. It does this by flashing a light tag. This then emits an electronic pulse to receive feedback via a haptic feedback sensor.

Energy Harvesting Fabric

Triboelectric fabric is one of the first energy harvesting materials that is both waterproof and converts energy from multiple sources, including wind, rain, and body movements. This material could be used to create clothing in the future and reduce our carbon footprint.

Sensory Fitness Clothing

Fitness clothing with built-in specialised haptic software provides vibrations and feedback, and Wearable X support accelerometers design the Nadia X yoga wear. This micro vibrating motor is interwoven within the fabric. The vibrations sensed from the material can support your movements and trigger the sensor to perceive how to move your body during exercise routines such as yoga, running or walking activities.

Communication Clothing

Have you ever thought about what your clothes may be saying about you and your personality? Know you can express yourself by making a statement – through messages coded into the material created by CuteCircuit. One of their new products helps you feel, and another item allows you to fully immerse yourself in music.

Sock Sensors

Sensoria Socks contain textile pressure sensors that link to a smartphone app. This smart fabric can count the number of steps you take, and it can monitor your pace, records how many calories you have burned, and records how your foot lands on the ground when you walk. This may be beneficial to marathon runners, speed walkers and sportspeople, and women.

Green Fashion Saves Lives

Green fashion and sustainable fashions are growing movements, and their success is creating significant change within the fashion industry landscape. Sustainable fashion also drives systems towards ecological integrity, social justice, cultural differences, and an improvement in social factors.

Sustainable fashion supports our planet by helping the environment in the following ways: 

  • Sustainable fashion preserves and saves natural resources.
  • It helps to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • It saves the lives of animals.
  • Sustainable fashion supports safer working practices and working conditions for millions of workers in factories across the world.
  • Sustainable fashion is healthier for people and our planet.
  • It does not support child labour.

Living a life that supports every aspect of sustainable living will help you to love your clothes and your life by following the principles of Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle.

  • By reducing waste, you cut the need to create messy, unhealthy landfill sites that pollute and damage food chains.
  • Reuse your clothes, support local charities by taking old clothes to charity shops to be resold.
  • Repair your clothes and alter them to create a brand new outfit.
  • Recycle your clothes, furniture, plastics, carrier bags, and recyclable household waste to create storage items and new things to support an eco-lifestyle.

Sustainable Business

Owning a sustainable business is an excellent opportunity to see how your input makes a difference playfully and for you to make an ethical impact first hand.

Here are six effective ways to build a successful sustainable business:

  1. Build your business on a belief in caring for your planet.
  2. Stand still and fully embrace change.
  3. Focus on growing green credentials.
  4. Growth and comfort cannot co-exist.
  5. Focus on rooting your business to offer value and support to your customers and clients.
  6. Focus on being innovative and open to new ideas and ways of trading.

There are many kinds of eco-businesses for you to discover,

Take a look at some of these ideas that could help you to set up your own business:

  • Green Finances.
  • Organic Catering.
  • Sustainable Construction.
  • Eco-friendly landscaping.
  • Second-hand Stores.
  • Green Consulting Services.
  • Handmade all-natural/ Organic Products.
  • Eco-friendly Beauty Salons
  • Farmers Market Vendor.
  • Bicycle Repairs and Refurbishing.
  • Upcycling Furniture
  • Eco-friendly retail.
  • Environmental Publications
  • Green Franchises


In our changing world, fashion and technology have the potential to lead in building a better world that supports business, technology, ecology, culture, social justice, and rebuilding global economies.

You can also play your part by buying sustainable fashion. You could also consider investing in eco-friendly sourced products and change your life by living a green lifestyle.

However, if this is not for you, think about contributing and play your part in reducing climate change by using less of our natural resources and adopt a conservative attitude.

Everyone on our planet has a role to play in saving our world, protecting our natural habitats, and caring for our endangered creatures. 

But this all can start here and now with you.

What will you do to play your part?

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