Tips To Boost Your Chances Of Selling An Investment Property Quickly

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Investing in real estate can be incredibly lucrative, but to succeed, you have to be able to make the right calls at the right time. If you’re looking to sell an investment property, and you’re hoping for a swift sale, this guide is packed with tips. 


If you have a property ready for sale, it’s hugely beneficial to enlist the services of a real estate agency to take care of marketing. Marketing is all about drumming up interest in the house or apartment, contacting buyers who are likely to be interested in the property and introducing new clients to your home. Effective marketing strategies should target high-quality leads and pinpoint buyers who are looking for properties that are similar to your house or condo. As well as posting listings and creating professional brochures and online galleries, realtors can also stage events, plan open houses and work through contact lists to identify potential buyers. 

Staging your home

When you take photographs for listings or schedule viewings, it’s essential for prospective buyers to see the property in its best light. Staging is designed to highlight the best features and present the property in a way that will be most appealing to potential buyers or investors. Many real estate agencies offer this service, but you could also consider hiring freelancers or doing the job yourself to save money. 

Land and garden clearance

Many people fall in love with a property because of the lifestyle it affords and the outdoor space on offer. If you’re selling a house with grounds, it’s worth spending time clearing the land and sprucing up the garden to ensure it looks its best when buyers visit. If you don’t have the time or the expertise to take on clearing, planting, pruning or landscaping, enlist professional help. You can click here to find more information about preparing the land and search for landscaping businesses in your local area online. If your garden is in good shape but it’s lacking the wow factor, add color and interest with plants and containers, potted trees and accessories, such as throws, cushions and lanterns, in the seating area. 

Freshening up the decor

You don’t have to embark upon a full-scale interior makeover before you sell your home, but simple tasks, such as freshening up the paintwork, can be beneficial. It’s best to stick to neutral, light shades to maximize space and natural light and to aim to make every room feel spacious, bright and open. 

Adding curb appeal

Some buyers will make their minds up before they even set foot in a house. Curb appeal can make all the difference. Painting your front door, adding flowers and plants to porches and driveways, mowing the front lawn and clearing away bikes, bins and outdoor toys is an excellent idea. 

The primary aim of investing in real estate is to make money. If you’ve decided that now is the right time to sell, it’s wise to take steps to maximize the chances of a swift sale. Preparing your home can help to save time in the long run and increase your chances of securing a sale at the asking price. 

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